The Sailor Neopets RPG

SNRPG: Series I Sailors

The Sailor Neopets of Series I!

The sailors are of course named for the various species of NeoPets.  (All the types can be viewed on this page.)  Note that their powers were inherited from their grandmothers (or, in a few cases, grandfathers), who lived back when there were only thirty-four NeoPets. Thus, there are only 34 Sailor Neopets - for now.

Each sailor has her own page, designed by her creator but hosted on the Sailor NeoPets website. These are the CoIN-approved bios, so not all of the links work; look at old profiles for reference. Most are revised by their owner; those whose owners are inactive or have left are revised by the lovely Brianna.

Sailor Acara

Keiko Wilson
Adopted by Jessica
Revisions by Brianna

Sailor Aisha

Pandi "Bones" Bon
by Lacey

Sailor Blumaroo

Aviva Simantro
by Morgan

Sailor Bruce

Jaimie Manchot
by Beth
Revisions by Brianna

Sailor Buzz

Kara Lynn
by Erin
Revisions by Brianna

Sailor Chia

Abbie Anion
by Erin

Sailor Elephante

Layla Grandisimo
Adopted by Amanda

Sailor Eyrie

Bird Sin Gayle
by Morgan

Sailor Flotsam

Kenny Slin IV
by Julie

Sailor Gelert

Starlee Matthews
by Whitney
Revisions by Brianna

Sailor Grarrl

Shea Vires
by Tai
Revisions by Brianna

Sailor Jetsam

Identity Unknown
Adopted by Madison

Sailor JubJub

Jody Miller
Adopted by Domi
Revisions by Brianna

Sailor Kacheek

Miles Tailor
by Domi

Sailor Kau

Michelle Kaiser
by Lacey

Sailor Kiko

Kevin Miller
by Erin & Ali

Sailor Korbat

Briana Veranne
by Whitney
Revisions by Brianna

Sailor Kyrii

Clara Hansen
by Rosa Maria

Sailor Lenny

Isis Florien
Adopted by Allison

Sailor Lupe

Leslie Tuatara
by Erin

Sailor Moehog

Melony Housman
Adopted by Liz

Sailor Mynci

Maxima Simico
by Caitlin

Sailor Nimmo

Vicki Pawkeet
Adopted by lupe062005

Sailor Peophin

Zoe Bay
by Madison

Sailor Quiggle

Tammy Dylan
Adopted by Savvy
Revisions by Brianna

Sailor Scorchio

Ko-Kira Aiden
Adopted by Nicole

Sailor Shoyru

Jean Keresaspa
by Erin

Sailor Skeith

Skye Welsh
by Amandy
Revisions by Brianna

Sailor Techo

Anton Rheinhold
by Yume

Sailor Tuskaninny

Marieta Darkwood
by Domi

Sailor Uni

Allie Rider
Adopted by Sefina
Revisions by Brianna

Sailor Usul

Brooke Cassonade
Adopted by Caitlin

Sailor Wocky

Naomi Housman
Adopted by Liz
Revisions by Brianna

Sailor Zafara

Zelda Bay
by Madison
Sailor Grundo
Identity Unknown