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Name: Tamara "Tammy" Dylan (rarely if ever called Tamara -- only by her mother when extremely angry!)
Name Meaning: "Tamara" is "palm tree" and "Dylan" is "born from the sea"
Blood type: B
Birthday: July 11 / 11 Swimming
Star sign: Cancer
Age: 15 as of Y4 (five months younger than Leslie (Sailor Lupe))
School: NCJH (7, 8, 9), NCH (10, 11, 12)


Eyes: Blue, with large round glasses.
Hair: Extremely long, platinum, chlorine-bleached blonde, tinged green from all the swimming she does. She wears it in a high ponytail to hide how dry it is.
Body build: Average height (5'4") and very lean. Has a somewhat boyish figure; no curves.


Strengths: Relaxed, calm, quiet, nonaggresive, happy
Weaknesses: Insecure, escapist, nonsocial, nonassertive, apathetic
Hobbies: Swimming

Tammy is a homebody. Suited only to one environment, she likes to settle in one spot and not move away from it. For her, this is the water. In a pool, lake, pond, ocean or stream, she moves like a Flotsam. On land, however, she moves like a baby giraffe.

Colliding into things is one of Tammy's fortes. Her mind is constantly adrift in some fantasyland, surely far more exciting than our world, but considerably less realistic. She is always content, but never with where she is or what she is doing -- rather, with whatever she has invented for herself inside her mind. She has an odd and quirky sense of humour, and tends to see things in ways that others can't. Although she is very relaxed and mellow, she doesn't like to be jostled out of the safety of her daydreams with any kind of change. She also has trouble making friends, but will do anything to keep the ones she has.

When she was much younger, she made friends with the much more bouncy and cheerful Layla (Sailor Elephante), but their friendship was eventually ended by Layla's move to Tyrannia. Although Layla hated Tammy's Quiggle, the two were very close friends, and became so again after their reunion.

Tammy tends to be lazy and not like much activity or excitement (except, of course, if she's swimming). She is somewhat anxious in social settings, and feels much safer at home or in the water. Detached and dreamy, she tends to doze off at inappropriate times. This is most embarrassing for her when it happens at school. She has made numerous efforts to stop, including seeing a sleep counsellor.

One of her worst problems is her habit of leaving sentences unfinished. Her speech is often vague. She is slow to think and slow to act -- she can't react quickly in bad situations, which is why, despite her excellent swimming abilities, she has not yet been able to become a lifeguard.

Despite all appearances, Tammy is a smart and observant girl with a sharp mind, which contributes to her odd sense of humour. Although she's not particularly organized, she never forgets or misplaces things, is good at math, and can focus when she needs to. Her life of fantasy and detachment from the real world seems to be a choice, not a condition.

Tammy seems to dislike most people. She is not particularly fond of any of the other Sailor Neopets, even including Leslie. Layla seems to be her only friend of the bunch and often has to prod her into participating in battles. Tammy does so reluctantly, but well.


Parents (Rana and Terry), Quiggle (MrSippy).

Her mother, Rana, is gracious, slim, young and entirely nondescript. She has an extreme talent for blending into the background and has done this for most of Tammy's life. Terry, her father, is a ponderous and thoughtful man, from whom Tammy certainly got her imaginative side. They are very close, although Tammy has her own account.

MrSippy is a hyperactive, mischievious, but not really malicious cloud Quiggle. Tammy is unable to control him and doesn't really care to, so he's often free to run around and cause trouble for other people. He's usually cheerful, but is apt to use Quiggle Squirt on people who frustrate him - or just for a laugh. MrSippy doesn't talk; Tammy is best at deciphering his expressions, body language, and gearing-up-for-a-squirt posture.

As Sailor Quiggle

Aura: Blue-grey
Secondary: Silver
Henshin: She holds her pen in the air and cries, "Quiggle Neo Power, Make Up!" A torrent of water spouts from the pen and surrounds her, and when it disappears, she is fully transformed.
Attack: Quiggle Squirt - she forms a ball of water in her hand and directs it at her enemies in a convenient "orb" or "spray" format.

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