The Sailor Neopets RPG

The Sailor Neopets, Pre-CoIN

Image by BriannaSo here's the deal.

In the early days of the SN, it was a collection of Mary Sues, bad writing, and continuity errors. So we decided to rewrite it from the ground up, in a process called Crisis on Infinite Neopias (see the CoIN FAQ for details).

When CoIN has run its course, in theory the SN will be a collection of compelling characters, solid writing, and perfect continuity.

In practice it will be, if not perfect, at least better.

Image by BriannaBut our Mary Sues and continuity errors still hold a special place in our hearts; so what you'll find here is SN work from the pre-CoIN days.

It's probably not of interest to anyone not in the SN. If you're new around here, go to the main page and look at the good stuff. If you judge us by this, you won't get the best impression.

But we keep this around, for the nostalgia value. The editor-in-chief, at least, is a packrat that way :)