Basic Stats

Name: Sheridan Vires
Nicknames: Shea, Dan
Name Meaning: Wild one; hawk-like strength
Age: 16 as of Y4 (10 months older than Leslie)
Birthday: Eating 30 (April)
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Blood Type: A+
Resides: Mystery Island (with her grandmother), but visits Neopia Central a lot
Hobbies: fencing/swordplay, sports, martial arts,kickboxing
Dreams: To become a great swordsman and live up to her family name
School: Mystery Island Institute (9, 10, 11, 12)
Occupation: Student; teaches a few young kids martial arts/swordplay


Favorite Colors: Black, reds, browns, greens
Least Favorite Colors: Pink, purple, blues
Favorite School Subjects: English, physical education
Least Favorite School Subjects: History, art, mathematics
Favorite Foods: Grains (especially rice), Vegetables, Fruits, Fish
Least Favorite Foods: Most meat, sweets
Favorite Music: Everything, especially hip-hop, jazz, R&B, and rock
Least Favorite Music: Country


Most athletic pursuits, sword fighting, getting her way


Cooking, being a leader, showing her feelings, most academic pursuits, fear of losing,never knows when to quit


Eye Color: Hazel
Eye Style: Slanted; often angry and shady
Face: Heart-shaped face, high defined cheekbones, straight nose, somewhat small lips
Hair Color: Burgundy
Hair Length: Between shoulder and mid-back
Hair Style: Usually in a ponytail, either high or low
Height: 5'8"
Skin Color: Naturally tan, but currently even darker from all the time in the sun
Body: Weighs 135 lbs. Very toned/muscular from all the sports; very few curves
Dress Style: Wears a lot of tanks, and sleeveless shirts. Pants are usually baggy and "jogging" pants. Footwear is usually sandals, flipflops. Colours are usually dark, muted.
Extra: Her sword, Claidheamh-mor, is always with her: Either attached to the hip, or shoulder.


After many unsuccessful tries at having a child, Devin and Nadia Vires finally produced a girl. They knew this placed an obstacle in Claidheamh-mor's future; every other warrior previous to her have been men. Reluctantly (and with no other choice), they passed the sword down to Shea. Growing up, Shea had only her sword, training and pet, Reiina, to guide her through the years of adolescence. Her parents were much more concerned with her training than her feelings, but Shea didn't care much -- she liked getting stronger. Nothing too tragic happened in her childhood.


Father (Devin, 40): Even though Shea bears her family sword with pride, he can't help but doubt that a girl would truly understand the responsibility and honour of battle. He's a very serious individual who very rarely cracks a smile. He makes swords for a living, and is very committed to his work. He used to work all over Neopia, but wanting to be more involved in his daughter's life (training), he moved into Neopia Central permanently.

Mother (Nadia, 38): A free-spirited woman, she's very independent. She works as a fashion designer for a few selected agencies. Very humorous, jolly, and cheerful, it's a wonder why she married someone such as Devin. She only wants what's best for Shea(which she thinks is training), and will do absolutely anything to make her daughter content.

Grandmother (Maire, 57): So she could attend school at the famed Mystery Island Institute (and get away from her father), Shea moved in with her widow Grandmother, Maire. Maire was very lonely, so when Shea moved in she was happy to spoil the girl, despite her objections to the treatment. She's very helpful, and loves to give to others. You can usually find her tutoring children, or doing her fair share around the neighborhood. Even though she's old, she's still somewhat fit. When she isn't out-and-about, she's mediating, doing yoga, or bicycling. She adopted three children, who are now mostly adults: Sincere, Amir, and Ciel.

Uncle (Sincere, 21): He's seen as a generally happy person. Very optimistic, he's known to be the sunshine on a rainy day. His favorite things to do include: playing video games, watching movies, and surfing. Not very loyal or dependable, or a great thinker. Prefers to agree with "whatever seems in", so it gives off the image that he doesn't have a mind/opinions of his own.

Uncle (Amir, 19): He's a conservative thinker, usually very quiet and shy. He doesn't speak much, and prefers the company of Neopets and flowers over people. Spirituality is one of his main concerns; always involved in some sort of ritual to bring good fortune. He takes superstition and other things of that sort very seriously.

Uncle (Ciel, 17): He's a hopeless romantic. Being a huge fan of movies, he sometimes gets confused between which is reality and which isn't. He likes to impress, and to be the center of attention, and will go to any means to do either. When he isn't chasing girls, guys, and Neopets, he's playing the saxophone in a local jazz/swing band or doing his side job as a brilliant make-up artist. Sometimes he uses his relatives as test subjects, since he doesn't test on Neopets.


She is highly independent and rarely has time to take out of her training to participate in the battle against the Chaos Faerie, despite being an asset to the team and one of their best fighters. She has very few friends and considers most people below her. Intense and determined, defensive, stubborn and prideful. Unless goaded, she is the silent, meditative type. She prefers to think before acting but has some buttons that can be pressed and when they are she reacts first and thinks later. Not very tolerant,quick to turn her nose up, and one of the first to shoot insults at those she considers "below her", she comes across as stuck up.

Offended easily, she often gets into heated arguments and considers any opinion different than her own as a personal affront to her beliefs. She is childish in this way, slinging insults instead of arguments more often than not.She's annoyed by people who take needless risks, yet sometimes you can catch her red-handed doing the same. In this way, she's pretty hyprocritical.

On the flipside, she isn't a complete "stern-faced" teen. She enjoys the simple things in life,such as hanging with friends, going places, and other mindless teenage things. Shea doesn't mind a few smiles and laughter; yet she thinks too much makes you look like an air-headed idiot. Though she'd never admit it, she only wants what every girl in existance does;a boyfriend. Or girlfriend; doesn't matter. Just someone who cares for her.

Her main weakness is her need to prove herself to everyone. She never gives up or lets go. She tends to bite off more than she can chew or push herself too hard in an attempt to be "good enough." She believes that "honesty is the best policy; but white lies are okay every once in a while." She loathes liars, and once you've lied to her, you've lost her trust; which took forever to earn in the first place. She's a huge fan of battle, so whenever she can, she goes to the BattleDome with Reiina, her star player. There are times where her "win-or-nothing" attitude gets between her relationship with Reiina, thus pushing the grarrl past her limits, and not really caring much about the consequences, as long as Reiina wins the battle. She's not a heartless beast though; just loves battling.


Despite her attitude, she does have friends. One of them is a childhood friend, Brooke (Sailor Usul). Shea actually doesn't mind Brooke's off-the-wall attitude, and usually listens to Brooke's ramblings with semi-interest. When she visits Neopia Central, Brooke's house is the first she goes to visit.

Another friend she has is Melony (Sailor Moehog). Their friendship had started at the battledome, where Moehog372 and Reiina_gyrl were placed against each other in a quick fight. Shea likes Melony's love for the battledome attitude, and has no problem having a friend like her around. They are also a lot alike in many other ways.

Michelle Kaiser (Sailor Kau) is in the NFC with Shea. She doesn't know much about her, other than the fact that she enjoys fencing - or else she wouldn't be in the club.


Reiina_gyrl, who was adopted from the pound, was Shea's first pet. She feels a rather closeness to Shea, because she too is often mistaken for a boy. (What female Grarrl with any sanity would want to be painted Darigan?) Because of this, Reiina (as she's called) is rather shy and doesn't like to stand out, to prevent having to explain herself, or hear the shocked response after finding out she's female. When she's not following Shea around, she's usually resting down at the beaches.

Myxeias, who too was adopted from the pound, was the second pet in Shea's life. He's the life of the party, and friendly to everyone he encounters. He finds a new obbession everyday, and is usually seen buying many "miracle" products off of the television. He's a Faerie shoyru.

Draecconius was Shea's third pet, and also adopted from the pound. He's a fire scorchio, and his firey-look matches his attitude. Quick to anger, the other two pets walk on eggshells around him when speaking,which they do only if necessary; otherwise they just ignore him.

Lameeshiioh is another pet from the pound, and Shea's fourth pet. He's a new addition to the family, and has yet to adjust to his unfamiliar surroundings. He's a Darigan draik, and he likes to read and sleep.

Sailor Grarrl

As Sailor Grarrl, Shea is still much like herself; if not a bit more determined to win.She's very aggressive in battle. The few times she fights with the other Sailors, she pays no heed to their orders, and does her own thing. She has little to no respect for any of them, even Sailor Lupe, their leader. When she attacks, she has the intention to kill, or atleast hurt dearly.

Transformation: To transform, she holds up her brown and yellow pen and shouts "Grarrl Neo Power Make Up!" Flames rise from around her feet, and swirl around her to the top of her head, then wrap around her tightly. When the flames subside, she's Sailor Grarrl.

Aura Color: Brown

Secondary: Yellow

Attack: Grarrl Fire Breath - She pulls her sword out of the sheath on her back, and draws it close to her mouth, yelling "Grarrl Fire Breath!" As she speaks the sword catches fire, and she twirls around and uses the sword like a flamethrower to shoot fire at her enemy. Sometimes she can use the attack without her sword, though. She yells "Grarrl Fire Breath!" And purses her lips together, inhales a gulp of air, and releases a gust of fire.This fire can harm anyone close by, and to prevent injuries to the other sailors (not that she cares if they get injured), she sticks with the sword method.

Uniform Alterations: Sailor Grarrl has a headband instead of a tiara. Her gloves are short and fingerless (gauntlets). Instead of boots she wears short socks and bamboo sandals.

How to Write Shea

- She doesn't go around looking for trouble; she waits for it to come to her.
- Never is she very "sad, happy" emotional; usually she's calm, or angry. Only under these circumstances is she happy: when she's with either Brooke, Melony, or her cousins.
- She doesn't say anything dumb; nor anything overly intelligent
- Since she lives in Mystery Island, she doesn't attend many meetings unless they are scheduled when she visits Neopia Central. In otherwords, she won't be fighting along the sailors a lot.
- She's usually quiet, unless provoked - by anything from a stupid comment, or a spark to start an argument.
- When there's a fight, she won't call for help; she'll deal with it on her own.
- Doesn't care about how she fights, more cares about when she wins.