Name: Kenneth Aaron Slin V
Nicknames: Kenny, Ken, Kent (to Bitz), Five (to dad)
Meaning: Kenneth = Handsome; Aaron = Enlightened

Gender: Male
Birthday/Zodiac sign: July 3rd, Cancer
Age: 15 as of Y4
Blood type: O
School: Neopia Central Junior High
Grade: 9th

Kenny is tall and lanky. To be specific, he is 6'4. He isn't muscular, he's just skin and bones. He may try to bulk up, but he's still really, really skinny. It doesn't matter though; he's good looking, and that's all that matters.

Kenny has denim blue hair, and it's wavy, but cut short it is often messy. His eyes are two different colors: The right eye is turquoise and left eye is sea blue. He's cute, and that's the only thing that keeps him in the in-crowd at school, besides his amount of neopoints.

He has always lived in Neopia Central and was a loner. His parents were never together, and he lived with his father until recently when he moved out. He still visits often, during breaks or over long weekends.

He took on an oath, when he was younger, as all of the men in the Slin family do, taking on strict rules. He is supposed to act as a gentleman around women (key word being supposed to), but the woman who carries his first born son can not be his wife. (This is due to one of his great-great grandfathers being left at the altar with a son.) The girl he chooses to be the mother of his son must be approved by with all of the people in his family.

Ever since Kenny was young, he's babysat for the Kulmingtuns. They had, two daughters. Stacy and Caroline... Stacy is deceased. He still babysits Caroline though, and is close to the family. He also babysits the O'Gaz triplets, who live in a very large house with a well-stocked refrigerator.

Kenny has been on a few dates with Allie (Sailor Uni). He liked her immediately, but he was too much of a pushover, and she took advantage of that. He got caught up in being around her so much that he didn't care if the only way he could be around her was to carry her luggage. All he does is carry her stuff now, and occasionally Bird's stuff. He's ready to go out with her any time she asks, but she hasn't asked yet.

Kenny has one pet, Flothaura (Flo). She is a red flotsam. She is often described as a "new bride" in the way she takes care of everything. She cooks and cleans everything in the house, with the exception of the fishtank and Kenny's room. Those are left up to Kenny. Kenny and Flo's relationship is that of roomies. They see each other and talk, but they aren't close.

While Kenny was growing up, there was only one parent in his life, his father, Kenny A. Slin IV. The fourth, as referred to by other family members, was the source of money in the Slin family, as a high-rarity items dealer. Sometimes he is a middleman to malls, but mostly he sells to small shop owners. Draik eggs and Royal PBs are items he handles on a regular basis. Kenny and his dad talk once a week, and are very close. The only secret that has ever been held between the two is the Kenny's mom, Karen.

Karen is a strong-minded individual. She and Kenny's dad have been together since highschool. Kenny's dad didn't tell him that they were still seeing each other until he was old enough to understand. They told him that he had a younger brother, Bitz, at the same time.

Benjamin Rodger Slin (he took his father's name), or rather, Bitz, is 10 years old, and lives with Kenny's dad and Karen at his home. Even though there's enough money in the family for the two to have seperate rooms, to enforce "brotherly bonding" they share a bunkbed when Kenny stays over. Bitz is fast to call Kenny his full brother, but Kenny still insists that Bitz is the product of Karen and another man. Bitz is unbelievably optimistic and cute. He has black-brown hair and big brown eyes, resembling Kenny's grandfather. Kenny sees the resemblence, but denies it.

Kenny refuses to call Bitz his brother, and resents him. There are never happy moments between Bitz and Kenny.

Kenny's grandpa was a man that he didn't know very well. He died while Kenny was very young, and nonetheless, his for the length of Kenny's dad's exsistence. Kenny still remembers what he looks like, and what he was like. While he was in prison, he told Kenny's dad several times that he was Sailor Flotsam. Kenny's dad never believed his father.

Likes: Girls, playing soccer, earning Neopoints and writing
Dislikes: Doing homework, detention, tests, and exams

Kenny doesn't understand that the world isn't something you can just let be. There's always something that can be better in his mind, and everything is his problem.

Most people seem to think he's a perfectionist, and even more people don't like him because he's so "moody". And even though he's social, he's not someone you can get to know.

There are a lot of things that no one can ever understand about Kenny; like why he needs to solve everything, or why a little mistake is a huge problem. He's orderly because of this, and broods oversmall problems. Most of the time he is well organized.

Kenny isn't a person that you can be good friends with, he blocks everyone out at times, only seeing what he needs to do. When he blocks everyone out, it usually means that he's angry or focused. If you mess with him while he is like this, he'll snap at you like no other. He's often between relationships, and when he starts to get intense with a girl, he ends it.

When Kenny is given a task, he gets consumed in it, and nothing else matters. He gets a mental image of what the end of the task should look like, and if anyone differs from it, he gets angry. If a problem occurs while he's doing the task, he works at it furiously without giving up. This makes him a complete worrywart. He is constantly worrying about what will happen if he fails in something. He's persistent in completing tasks.

He thinks stuff through before he does it, so that there isn't any confusion. But sometimes he doubts himself, and when he does, he won't think about anything else, and after a while, if he still hasn't decided what to do, he'll seek out his father for advice. Most of the time, however, he reflects on previous problems of the same nature and draws conclusions from them to help him in the present.

Kenny is a participant, not an observer. He won't sit back while other people are fighting, socializing, or playing a game. He'll join in, but watching isn't something he'll do if he has an option.

Even though he's reclusive and doesn't let himself give too much away about his feelings, Kenny does care for other people. When you're in a tough situation, he'll try to help out, but only if you show that you're very distraught over it. He doesn't like to see people in discomfort. If it makes the situation better or kinder, Kenny will take on your responsibility for you. This only happens rarely though, and he has to know you very well.

He also tries to lighten up bad situations. Most of the time it doesn't work, but he still tries. When he smiles and starts making jokes, you know something's wrong.

As a Sailor Neopet:

Uniform: A white shirt with a navy blue sailor collar that has pine green trim and a turquoise tie on the front. He has pine green pants with turquoise trim, held up with a pine green belt. The belt has a silvery buckle with a white N on it. He also has turquoise shoes. A mask too; it hides his true identity.

Transformation: Flotsam Neo Power, Make Up! A whirlpool forms at his feet, and quickly climbs its way up, covering him completely. However, the water is clear and easily seen-through. His current clothes glow a bright white-blue, with little blue and green flotsams, before molding into the Sailor Flotsam uniform.

Attack: Flotsam Flip! He flips, obviously, either frontward or backward, and he kicks his feet. Outlines of fins come from the bottom of his feet, slapping his opponent.

How to Write

  • Kenny is not emo.
  • When someone randomly speaks to Kenny, he'll be flattered, and start a conversation.
  • When someone introduces themself to him, or just starts staring at him, he'll do the same thing. Probably, if they're just staring at him, he'll roll his eyes and look away.
  • He'll probably be found at home - cleaning out Flothaura's huge fish tank on his free time. Either that or swimming in it.
  • If he's at school and he has free time, there's a chance he'll be working on some type of competition entry for his guild. He's trying to get a name for himself there, and be well known.
  • In a fight - he's very agressive. If you're fighting on his side, and you're not doing anything, you're going to hear it from him, and most likely get demands from him.
  • If he's buying food, most likely he'll be with girls, and if he is, he'll offer to buy the food for the girls, and probably will get something cheap for himself. Mostly he buys drinks while out with other people, such as an Achyfi for himself. Never will he buy NeoCola for himself. Never.
  • Important thing to remember: This is perhaps the best thing to keep in mind, Kenny has a temper. In his intro, he overturns chairs and wrecks his room from it. It takes a lot to make him reveal his temper, and when he does, you'll remember it.
  • Always carries his "lucky lighter" around with him. Always.
  • Kenny is constantly going out with different girls.

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