Vicki Pawkeet

Age: 18 in Y4 [dropped out of school at 14; has done some private studies since, but never gone back]
Birthday: Collecting 21
Bloodtype: A
Hair: Spring green, kept in a tight bun, although there are curly bits curving out all around.
Face: Narrow grey eyes, a flat nose, naturally tan skin. She's of Island descent.
Body type: Tall; lithe and flexible, but well-muscled.
Other: Vicki has two antennae.  These are unrelated to being a sailor; they just look cool.

Likes: Cocoa Juppies, Foozettes, Kelp Cakes, martial arts, heavy practical boots, traditional island music

Dislikes: Baby Bottle Pops (utterly childish. She holds Brooke (Sailor Usul) in contempt for loving them), anyone younger than her, pop and rock music
Home: Mystery Island; her home is a lighthouse on a rocky coast.  She sleeps in the same room as the light, so that she'll be there if it goes out. Her living area is small and cramped.

Vicki is stunningly good at meditation and martial arts; she once studied under the Techo Master himself.  However, she dropped out at age fourteen to pursue an amateur musician by the name of Billy Shoal.  He in turn left her to pursue his music, and after gaining fame at the Golden Dubloon he went on to become a multineomillionaire who tours all around Neopia.

To her chagrin, Vicki was not allowed to return to her studies at the Training School after a year's absence.  She still practices her meditation and martial arts regularly, but curses herself (and Billy) for the loss of the teaching and training that she could have gotten.

Vicki is smart, athletic, and enduring.  She's not the introspective type; she has a wide practical streak, and flights of fancy or imagination are not her strong suit.

Still, she fancies herself ill-used by Billy and proud of how she's courageously endured since - not realizing that she dwells on this too much for someone who's actually moved on.  Her practicality runs into pessimism and even fatalism; she's a strict perfectionist, so she can be overcritical and harsh.

She's especially hard on most of the other sailors because of their ages; she assumes that all younger people are inferior, even stupid, and nobody will be able to overcome that easily.  Only Naomi (Sailor Wocky), the sailor closest to her in age, has really become a friend.

Pets: Vicki has two savvy and sexy green Nimmos: Tai-Kai and Libellule.  Both are prime examples of the species and have modeled for NEOFASHION! magazine and Nimmo's Pond; they are the same shade of green as Vicki's hair.  Tai-Kai can knock out a Skeith twice her size with a single hit and Libellule can meditate so deeply that she floats.

As Sailor Nimmo

Henshin: Nimmo Neo Power, Make Up! Vicki closes her eyes and assumes a meditating stance.  A wave of water rises up behind her and breaks over her; the water then runs off her sailor uniform, leaving it completely dry.

Attack: Nimmo Meditate! Sailor Nimmo assumes the standard nimmo meditating pose and starts glowing a vibrant spring green.  Her target becomes dazed and confused, and will stay thus for a few minutes; unable to attack or defend, it's completely vulnerable.

Sailor Nimmo deeply dislikes this attack.  For one thing, she sees it as dishonorable to fight with a paralyzed opponent.  For another, the sailor skirt is really not designed for the nimmo-meditation pose.  Most of the time Nimmo just relies on her martial arts to carry the battle, and usually that's quite enough.

Aura: Yellow-green
Secondary color: Dull brown

How To Write Her
  • She's very independent, to the point of not accepting help from anyone. If she's offered help, she will refuse it, and get angry if it's forced on her.
  • She treats anyone younger than her like a nine-year-old, even Leslie (Sailor Lupe); tho she acknowledges Leslie as the team leader, she won't follow Lupe's directions if she thinks she has a better idea.
  • She's prone to making oh-so-cryptic statements about her tragic past. She won't elaborate if asked.
  • She can usually be found meditating or practicing, and will gladly karate-chop any challenger or enemy into submission.