Sailor Acara
Name: Keiko Wilson
Age: 14 as of Y4 (one year, five months younger than Leslie)
Birthday: 4th Swimming
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Blood type: O-
Likes: Gormball, swimming, sweets, eccentric clothes
Dislikes: Her looks, meat (she's a vegetarian), people eating meat, pets that eat meat frequently (including Lupes, Skeiths, and Grarrls), being timid
School: Ryshuu (7, 8), NCJH (9), NCH (10, 11, 12)


Keiko was born on Mystery Island, and lived there for eleven years.  When her mother died, her father decided - whether out of grief or because the opportunity was now opened - to move them to Neopia Central.

Keiko had always been a wallflower, and at Neopia Central Junior High her Acara-like looks made her ostracized, much as Leslie was. She dressed conservatively to avoid being noticed.  Since joining the Sailor Neopets, she has gained more friends and some confidence, and is becoming more comfortable with standing out.

Jody Miller (Sailor JubJub) in particular has become a close companion to Keiko; since meeting Jody, she's has become more confident and started letting a bit of unusual style show through in her clothes - even wearing some of her own fashions, strange as they look to others at school.


Keiko is a very sincere and sweet girl.  She became a vegetarian when she was quite young, out of an earnest desire not to hurt any animals; her parents were very supportive.  On the other hand, she can be irresolute without that strong support; her bank account goes up and down a lot, mainly because of her sweet tooth.

Cheerful for the most part but sensitive to cruelty and insults, she has a soft heart and a lot of compassion for other people and always likes to think the best of others. She will give anyone a second chance, even if they don't really deserve it. However, she is not so desperate for friends that she will do something to which she's strongly opposed (eating meat, being cruel to others, anything illegal) to try to make someone like her. She has trouble making up her mind about little things, such as what to eat for dinner or which games to play that day.

She has also been lifetime friends with Skye Welsh (Sailor Skeith), who frequently visited Mystery Island for dance lessons and consultations with the Island Mystic. The two love to sleep over at each other's houses and watch hours of romantic movies, going through box after box of tissues and bowl after bowl of popcorn.

A born mediator, Keiko can be counted on to say the right thing in any situation to make everyone feel better. She hates to see people fight and has been known to get caught in the middle of friends' disputes. She tries never to fight or argue herself as she hates to have people mad at her. Sometimes she doesn't stand up for herself when people push her around - Jody sometimes takes charge of Keiko without even realizing it - but she is beginning to learn to say "no," even to her friends.

Keiko loves to swim; she joined her local beach's swim team when she lived on Mystery Island.  She also loves Gormball, usually backing Kevin Korbat in professional games. She loves watching sappy romance novels and movies -- anything that will make her cry, but also has a happy ending. Her favourite band is the 2 Gallon Hatz, and she loves other country and pop music.


Keiko's mother (a slim woman of Mystery Island descent) died of cancer when she was eleven; Keiko became the official owner of her pets, the tough green Seaweed_Acara_ ("Sea") and the elegant red FieryAcara ("Fi").

Her first pet, the sweet blue SparkleAcara ("Sparks"), was given to her by her mother while still alive.  Her second pet, the quirky yellow Golden_Acara_ ("Goldy"), was adopted later on.

Keiko's father is a tough, broad-shouldered man named Brian, a volunteer fireman and Neohome-construction foreman.  He's not an articulate or poetic man, but he's good-hearted.


Keiko is of medium height (just a bit shorter than Leslie), with a not-quite-skinny build that is nevertheless toned from plenty of swimming.

She has very short pink hair (chin-length or shorter) that curls up at the ends. Her eyes are lavender, but the pupils are violet, like those of an Acara's eyes.  Her upturned nose is small, and she can wiggle it.

Sailor Acara

Henshin: "Acara Neo Power, Make Up!"  A blue whirlpool surrounds Keiko for a couple of seconds, then disappears, leaving Sailor Acara in its place.

Aura: Bright blue
Secondary: Pink

Attack: "Acara Tumble!" Sailor Acara throws a ball of rolling blue energy at the enemy.