Sailor Skeith

Name: Skye Welsh
Meaning: Skye = sky; the symbol of Wales is a dragon
Birthday: 17 Hunting/May
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Hair: Red and down to her chin
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 175 lbs
Bloodtype: AB
Age: 14 as of Y4 (Leslie - 1 year 3 months)

Likes: Food, meditation, inner peace, her body, dance, family, skeiths
Dislikes: People who call her fat; tight clothes; kacheeks and other small, annoying, rodent-like Neopets
Strengths: Patient, compassionate, good at poetry
Weaknesses: Does not see she has a weight problem, temperamental, bossy
Hobbies: Writing poetry, meditating, native Mystery Island dance

Family: Her parents (Marie and Jonathan), younger sister (Katherine, aka Katie), skeith (Princess), and sister's tonu (Sirya). Her parents' pets live on separate accounts and mostly look after themselves. She also has an enthusiastic older cousin named Gretchen, who tries very hard to be someone that Skye can look up to.

Personality: Skye Welsh is a romantic at heart. She writes poetry prolifically and occasionally even works up the nerve to send it into the Neopian Poetry Competition (although none have been accepted yet). She loves to watch romance movies with her best friend, Keiko Wilson (Sailor Acara), and dream about her perfect wedding.

She was born in Neopia Central to two new-age hippies who raised her on meditation, spirituality, paranormal phenomena, yoga, and a general sense of mysticism. Her mother is a renowned psychic, although neither Skye nor her sister Katherine seem to have inherited these abilities. Skye's mother was born on Mystery Island and loves native Mystery Island dance, and Skye and Katie have both been enrolled in dance lessons on Mystery Island from an early age (this is how Skye met Keiko).

Skye idolizes her mother and wants to be like her in everything; she tries and fails to "open her mind to spirits" and be intuitive, passive and accepting (like the ocean). However, there is a fundamental difference between Skye and Marie -- Skye has a temper like the fiercest grarrl. Frustration often gets the better of her, and she will lash out at her friends and herself if they do something she doesn't like or just if she's in a bad mood; this severely hinders her meditative efforts.

Although she's trying to learn to control herself through her spirituality, she continues to blow up at the littlest things, especially when someone makes fun of her spirituality or her weight. She doesn't understand people who can't see her side of things and tends to push them away in annoyance; she hates anything she can't understand. Although she wants the best for everyone, it's often hard for her to see that the best way is not always her way, and that sometimes there really isn't a best way to do everything.

Her mother and father really don't mind what Skye does as long as she's not hurting herself or others, but Skye doesn't seem to notice this and feels like she's supposed to be exactly like them. She refrains from indulging in normal teenage activities (such as wearing makeup, eating meat and listening to pop groups) because they "offend her spirituality," but secretly she wants to do normal things like everyone else.

As well as temperamental, Skye can be depressive and moody to the point of melodrama. When she was dumped by her last boyfriend, she hid in her room and cried for weeks. Very little can bring her out of these moods; the best course of action is to ignore her and hope she returns to the real world once she realizes she's not getting any attention.

She is a practical thinker and is especially good with money. She runs a moderately successful shop and can sometimes be heard lecturing her friends to not spend so much NP on frivolities. Unusual for someone of her age and poetic inclinations, she's quite good at math. Her main enjoyments in life are pleasures of the flesh, such as good food or a relaxing bath. She likes a relaxing, spacious atmosphere and will get annoyed if there's too much noise or mess.

Skye wears clothes like long, flowing skirts, peasant blouses, and ethnic clothing like saris. Her favourite colours are pink, brown and white and her clothes often reflect this. Her musical preferences include new age music like Anye, Brian Neo, Strawberry Dream, and Gheorghe Zaffar, as well as Hikalakas and Jub Zambra and the Cobrall Charmers.

Aura Color: Light brown
Secondary: Salmon pink

Transformation: She cries "Skeith Neo Power Make Up" and throws her pen into the sky. She twirls around and hugs her arms close to herself so that she's touching her waist; she throws them outward and upwards and she is in uniform. Two ribbons grow from the small of her back and attach themselves to Skye's waist in an X-shape and the piece of her uniform directly below the X disappears.
Attack: Skeith Stomp - she stomps on the ground and the vibration rolls through it, shaking it to knock her opponent over.

Uniform: Two salmon pink ribbons go around Sailor Skeith's stomach, crossing it in the shape of an X. The triangular section below the X is cut out, and you can see her pierced bellybutton. The stone in her tiara is pink, not brown; it has a tear-drop shaped opal stone hanging from it that falls right between her eyebrows. She wears matching teardrop-shaped opal earrings and bellybutton ring.

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