Sailor Moehog
Name: Melony Housman
Age: 16 as of Y4
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Blood Type: AB negative
Birthday: 14 Hunting

Likes: Moehogs, battle, soccer, lacrosse, football, rugby, any contact sport really, good art, NESPN, any sporting goods companies especially Kgra and Neodidas
Dislikes: Volleyball, the sport of cheerleading, spandex, high-heeled shoes, makeup, frills, skirts, and all things girly
School: NCJH (7, 8, 9), HBA (10, 11, 12)

Family: parents Cara and Mike; big sister Naomi (Sailor Wocky); roommate Ko-Kira (Sailor Scorchio)
Pets: Moehog372 the skunk Moehog. He and Melony make a strong Battledome team; she loves the strategy and he loves the fighting.


Melony is broad-shouldered with a tapering abdomen and small hips. She isn't very feminine by any means. She's of average height and weight, not skinny, not fat, rather muscular. She's your typical tomboy. Dresses, skirts, lace, ribbon . . . They never grace Melony's figure (unless of course she's in uniform). Her hair is long and blue. The roots and ends are a brilliant orange in color, resulting from the fact that her sister isn't a very good hairdresser (Naomi was the one who attempted to dye it blue for Melony). Her hair is always out of her face whether it is in pigtails, a ponytail, or even a bun. It just gets in her line of vision. That's not ideal for the fast-paced action of the Battledome or other sports.


Melony is "like a box of chocolates; you'll never know what you're going to get." (From the famous movie, Forrest Gnorbu.) She's not bipolar or schizoid; she's just developed two main personalities depending on her surroundings. On the battlefield, the sports field, whatever, Melony is cool-headed, a real take charge type. That's not to say she isn't aggressive. Her head is always in the game or the battle. When she sees that the window of opportunity is open, she dives for it. But out of the game . . . Melony is belligerent and vengeful. If she gets pushed, she'll push back tenfold. Despite this violence prone trait, she isn't particularly sadistic. Her pugnacious tendencies get her in trouble a lot. Melony is in arguments all the time. Her favorite opponent is her older sister Naomi. They bicker . . . a lot . . . Usually the topic is nothing at all. They fight for the sake of sibling rivalry. Disregard her hot temper and war-like ways; Melony is generally a kind person. She doesn't snipe out at people she doesn't know and she isn't quick to condescend. Insult her though and she'll get you. Get on her bad side and you'll be staying there for a while.

Melony attends the Haunted Battle Academy (aptly named for its location in the Haunted Woods). Before changing schools, NJHS was her school of choice. There she played goalie on the girls' soccer team in the fall and lacrosse forward in spring. Now at HBA, she's on the Battledome team, the girls' soccer team, and the girls' lacrosse team. Academics aren't her strength. It's a good thing for her that HBA's focus is athletics and not brains. She does maintain a B average, which is pretty good by her standards. She isn't very good at art though (suffering through it only for Fine Arts credit purposes), so she's very appreciative of those who are. Melony doesn't take any honors classes and would refuse them all if the opportunity presented itself. Unless, of course, the class was honors gym. . . But don't be silly; there is no AP Physical Education. Not even at HBA!

Henshin: Moehog Neo Power, Make Up! Melony is surrounded by small stampeding Moehogs. The dust from the stampede fades, revealing Sailor Moehog.

Attacks: She tends to like hand-to-hand combat more than ranged attacking but when needed . . .

Moehog Kick! Melony performs a roundhouse kick, a punting kick, or any other sort of kicking motion and a wave of orange-colored energy bashes against her target.

Bonus attacks: On Moehog Day, Sailor Moehog gains temporary new attacks - just like any sailor on her pet's day. They are:
Moehog Fire - a huge blue and orange fireball appears between her palms; she throws it.
Moehog Shield - a sheet of orange hair like a Moehog's mane pours from her hands to form a protective barrier.
Moehog Lightning - a bright blue torrent of electrical charge shoots from her fingertips.

Aura: Blue
Secondary color: Orange

uniform: Melony's uniform has the addition of two fake Moehog tusks, and black punching gloves over the regular white senshi ones.

How to Write Melony: