Sailor Korbat

Name:Briana Veranne
Age:14 as of Y4 (11 months younger than Leslie)
Bloodtype: AB
Birthday: 14 Collecting (October)
Star sign: Libra

Favorite colors: Warm pinks (neither pale nor hot)
Hobbies: Neomailing people, doing whatever her friends want to do
Likes: Warm food, hugs, being around people, talking, movies, country music
Dislikes: Cold food, being alone, the color green, meercas, being late for school

Appearance: Briana is about 5'3" with a broad, friendly heart-shaped face, blue-grey eyes and curly medium-blonde hair that touches her shoulders. She has small bones and a petite build but tends to carry some weight because of her eating habits. She wears contact lenses and braces.

Family: Kyle (father), Heather (stepmother), Evelyn (half-sister, 3), her pets. Her mother, Marisa, no longer lives with her. She has never met her stepfather, Andrew.

History: Briana's father used to be a famous cook with his own television show, but he grew tired of the spotlight and walked off the show in its third season, finding a job as an accountant for Breadmaster Bakeries. Briana's mother, Marisa, was appalled and finally left for her long-time lover -- no goodbye, just divorce papers. Briana, only six years old, didn't understand why she couldn't see her mother any more. Kyle understood his daughter's pain and tried to push for Marisa to take custody, but she refused. Marisa now sends Briana a card and 100,000 NP every year on her birthday.

Personality: Imagine a giant sponge with blue eyes. No, not SpongeKiko RoundPants -- this is Briana Veranne, who soaks up every bit of herself from someone else.

She's perky and happy, always smiling and alwalys up early, on time, bright and bushy-tailed. She's enthusiastic and friendly with a sweet smile and a cheerful disposition. She loves almost everyone and is wounded very easily -- the tiniest criticism can make her burst into tears.

No wonder she's so hard to put up with.

Briana always has to be surrounded by people. Even if she doesn't particularly like someone, she'll often suck up to them and try to be their friend -- causing many to abandon her due to her constant clinginess. She'll do anything for anyone short of leaving them alone: she doesn't understand why anyone would want to be alone. So when her friendships end with the "friend" screaming and Briana quivering, it's back to her bedroom with the cute lavender pillows and fluffy plush toys to cry until someone else comes along.

In her speech, Briana tries to agree with everyone. When her friends argue she gets very upset because she doesn't know who to fight for. She never does anything without her friends' approval: all the movies she likes, celebrities she admires, books she reads, classes she takes, and so on are preapproved by someone she knows.

She can't stand emptiness: She fills herself with food, fills her rooms with posessions and light, fills her social circle with people, fills the air with noise. There's never a moment of silence around Briana; if nobody else is talking, she chimes in to fill the void. It's for this reason that Heather, Briana's stepmother, tries to keep her out of the house.

Easily manipulated, Briana takes orders when given, runs errands, gives people her posessions, and generally tries to be everything to everyone. Most people who stay friends with her are either taking advantage of her or feel extreme pity for her -- either way, not very healthy. But despite all of this, Briana isn't naïve. She has morals and a conscience and understands the consequences of her actions. She just thinks that her friendships outweigh any damage she might do to herself.

Even her pets have grown a little bit tired of Briana's need for companionship and may avoid her -- being at the Food Shop when she gets home from school and so on. Evelyn generally enjoys playing with her big sister, but Briana isn't really looking for the kind of friendship that a three-year-old girl can provide.

GiggleWings18, a speckled Shoyru. She is independent and doesn't like having to take care of Angel and Holly.
AmericanAngelWings, a blue Poogle. She likes causing trouble and playing pranks, and can be hard to take care of.
HollyBayBie, a red Korbat. She is very young -- she can barely talk -- and looks up to her older "sisters."

Henshin: "Korbat Neo Power, Make Up!" She is surrounded by lavender-pink sparkles and becomes Sailor Korbat.
Attack: "Korbat Claw!" Her gloves shoot out lavender-pink darts that pierce the enemy.
Aura: Lavender-pink
Secondary color: Dark purple

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