Sailor Wocky

Naomi, by Elizabeth

Name: Naomi Housman
Age: 18 as of y4 (2 years, 5 months older than Leslie)
Birthday: 12 Gathering (September)
Likes: Photography, Wockies, being the oldest child, modeling, Negg sandwiches, orange chocolate, jazz
Dislikes: Milk chocolate, pop music, summer, snowballs, getting dirty or messy, being shafted, all things dung
School: Recently graduated Tiki High School on Mystery Island and is not yet attending college
Hobby: Photography


Tall (5'10"!), slim and meticulously well-groomed. Her naturally sunny orange hair lightens near the ends becoming a bright yellow, and is usually pulled back into a knot at the nape of her neck if she doesn't need to style it otherwise. Her bangs are soft curled wings of hair parted at either side of her face. She has a nondescript and cool "model face"; the corners of her lips are turned down while her nose is turned up. Her eyes are brown with carefully-separated lashes and she has very thin eyebrows, having plucked them to near-nonexistence.


Naomi is the older sister of Melony (Sailor Moehog). The two squabble a lot, but do love each other.

Her parents' names are Cara (46) and Mike (48); they are nice and well-meaning but often embarrassing.

Her three pets are a wocky, a lupe and an acara: Wo_cky_88 is striped and daydreamy, Lu_pe_88 is Faerie and lazy, and Aca_ra_88 is very young -- her horns are growing in and need to be taken care of. These pets can be a handful at times, although they might not be as much trouble if she didn't have to squeeze them into the five minutes of free time she has daily.

Naomi, Melony, their parents, and Ko-Kira (Sailor Scorchio), along with their pets, live in a brick NeoHome in Neopia Central.


Naomi has had a relatively normal life up until the discovery of her identity as a Sailor Neopet. She took up photography at the age of 10; she applied to attend Inigmah with it as her specialty, but was rejected.

She uses her photography and connections to the magazine industry to boost her career as a model, getting to know famous fashion photographers and editors of publications like NEOFASHION!. She will often have two or three photoshoots in a day -- some where she takes pictures, others where people take pictures of her. She occasionally works with a pair of Nimmo models and their owner Vicki (Sailor Nimmo); the two girls are now good friends.


Prim, proper, pretty and pretentious, Naomi may be sister to Melony, but that's the only relation she bears to that unruly and messy creature. For instance, while Melony partakes in such barbaric practices as rock music, Naomi prefers jazz music (but oddly, not Jazzmosis, whom she refers to as "prepackaged and fake") and the fine arts.

She definitely has a work ethic, pushing herself to be up at 5:00 each morning so she can primp for her various daily activities and then running around all day being gopher, assistant, photographer and model all at once. On many days she doesn't get home until almost the time she has to wake up, and rarely eats or drinks anything except coffee.

This insane workaholic quality gives her the tendency to look down on people who are not as applied, organized and levelheaded as she is. She also berates others ("others" meaning "Melony") for their hobbies and tastes in music and art and tells herself and others that people are just ignorant and boorish if they can't see things her way.

When it comes down to it, though, her good taste is more show than anything else, although woe to he who would ever try to tell Naomi that. She tries to make herself look more knowledgeable than she is on many subjects, and is something of a hypocrite; she criticizes those who would talk at length about subjects no one else is interested in, and people who "pose" and attempt to partake in things they don't understand -- even though she does both of those things herself.

She is a thinker rather than a reacter and is neither particularly emotional nor self-absorbed. She remains calm in most situations and does not take personal offence to what she terms "petty" insults; the only time she will flare up is if someone questions her credibility or knowledgeability. She tends to be condescending and patronising, but not unkind.

Sailor Wocky and pets, by Erin

As a Sailor

Transformation: "Wocky Neo Power, Make Up!" She holds up her hands and Wocky paws appear on them. They launch off her hands and zoom around her body, making trails of orange and yellow light. When the paws reach her toes and she's completely surrounded by orange and yellow, the paws fly away, the light fades, and Sailor Wocky is fully transformed.

Costume: Aura is light orange, secondary color yellow. Instead of boots, she has golden anklets.

Attack: Wocky Pounce! She fires a ball of orange-and-yellow fur that takes the rough shape of a wocky and pounces on the target.

How to Write Naomi

- Please resist the urge to have Sailor Wocky showing up in too many stories! She's a very busy girl, so unless there's a photo shoot or modelling session or you have a very good reason, don't call on her.

- She tends to ignore her duties as a sailor, putting her career ahead of the SN. The only situation that would spur her to participate is if her sister was in danger (which doesn't happen often, as Melony can easily hold her own in battle).

- Anywhere she goes, have her be in a rush. Try to bring her pets with her; they sometimes even go to work with her just because she has nowhere else to put them. Aca_ra is especially needy.

- Don't have any emotional moments, with her sister or anyone else. She's like Melony in that respect.

- Consider the climate and terrain before you take her anywhere. Remember that she's barefoot; her feet can't take that much. She does have the option of putting on boots, but this doesn't seem to have occured to her yet.

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