Sailor Kyrii


Name: Clara Hansen
Age: 17
Birthdate: 10th of Sleeping of -13BN
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Blood type: B
School: Neopia Central High


Eyes: Big and light brown
Hair: Long reddish hair, slightly wavy. She wears it loose when she is in public and can be a bit obsessive with it looking perfect, but when she is alone working she prefers braids.
Height: Tall, 5'8''
Weight: Although she dislikes sports, she is always active (going around Neopia looking for good deals, carrying heavy parcels around her shop, etc) so she keeps herself in good shape around 120lbs.
Clothes: Tends to dress conservatively, normally preferring comfortable clothes like jeans and sweaters. She owns some more formal suits, which make her look very businesslike, but she only likes wearing them on important occasions

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Kaisuu, Erik, kyrii, her hair, cold weather, numbers, buying new furniture for her neohome, working at her shop and making Neopoints, keeping herself informed about all the important news and rumors around Neopia, ice cream and hot chocolate.
Dislikes: Unambitious or lazy people who are spoiled and/or have things too easy in life (She thinks they will never succeed), hot weather or very spicy food (ironically her faerie sphere is fire), most sports.
Hobbies: Apart from her shop, Clara collects old books. She also loves walking around the marketplace and seeing all the new goods. When she has a spare moment and neopoints she likes to redecorate her neohome.
Allergies: Like kyrii, she is extremely allergic to apples.
Strengths: Maths, business, and organization. Ability to work well under pressure. Not shy in front of new people.
Weaknesses: A bit of a workaholic. Not good at making and keeping friends.

Family and Friends

Clara lives alone with her pet Kaisuu. The rest of her family lives on Terror Mountain.

Parents: Hans Hansen (40) grew on Mystery Island where he learned to surf. His father was a shipping agent who in one of his trips to Mystery Island met his mother. When he died his mother took charge of him and his four almost wild sisters. When he was 21 he decided to go to Terror Mountain for a long skiing trip with some friends. He felt in love with the place that had been his father's home; instead of going back he decided to stay and with most of his savings and some borrowed neopoints from his oldest sister, who had just published her first book. He founded a small skiing school and rent shop.

About a year latter he met Susanne Olsdatter (39), an administration studentin the Terror Mountain University and avid bookworm who had a small job in the university library. He needed some help with his finances and they were introduced by mutual friends. It wasn't exactly love at first sight. In fact they hated each other at first. He fought that she was just a weak geeky girl and she that he was a spoiled wannabe sports star. But after some time they grew fond of each other and beguine to learn and understand more about the other. What helped mostly to improve their relationship was Hans discovery that Susanne could ski. He challenged her once to a race thinking that a skinny girl had no chances of beating him. To his surprise she did; according to her, moving books all over the library was actually a very demanding exercise and kept her arms strong. It was in that moment that he felt in love .

Today Hans Hansen is a ski coach who loves outside activities and is always on long mountain climbing or surf trips. Susanne Hansen is the mostly reserved and extremely organized chief librarian of the Happy Valley public library. They both love their two children and tried to pass as much time with them as possible, although their jobs sometimes don't allow them to. They respect the decision of their daughter to live on her own and have her own business and understand that they too had in some way influenced her on doing it, but are sometimes afraid that she is acting too old and preventing herself from having a normal teenage life.

Brother: Erik is Clara's 10-year-old brother whom she adores; there's a fear that she will end up spoiling him because every time he goes to visit his sister in Neopia Central he returns with tons of new toys or collectable cards. They don't have the average brother/sister relationship not only because of the 7-year age difference but also because Clara hasn't been living with him since he was 6. In her mind he is still a small child, and they don't have the average troubles of siblings in the the same house. Erik doesn't have an account yet; he takes care of the family pets, Duquesaneo and Grunudy, which sometimes means causing them more trouble that they can handle. When he was small Grunudy acted as a uni and let him ride on her back. He still finds it difficult to realize he has grown and can't do it any more.

Family Pets: Duquesaneo, a very clever Christmas acara, who is the oldest of all pets in the family and likes helping Mrs. Hansen in the library. She was created by Susanne when she was 10.

Grunudy, a Christmas kougra, who took care of Erik when he was little and still dose some times when he travels outside of Terror Mountain. She also was the one to introduce battling to Clara. Grunudy normally accompanies Mr. Hansen when he goes on long trips. She was a present from Hans's mother the fist time he won a surf championship when he was 13.

Pet: Kaisuu, a calm skunk kyrii and Clara's only pet as well as best friend and business partner. He has a thin scar on his left ear a souvenir from his battledome career, which, although short, did make him train a lot so he is pretty strong. He is also very loyal to his owner and worries a lot about her working too hard. If not for him and his constant pushing Clara outside of the shop to have some fun, she would probably drive herself sick for overworking and for that she is very thankful.

Cristina, Gordo & Silvana: Clara's friends. Clara had been friends with Cristina Phillips and her two kyrii since she was little (although some people find it odd because of the age difference). Cristina, AKA the original Sailor Kyrii (thought Clara doesn't find out until later in the story), was the one who told Clara all she knows about running a shop. She is an old lady who owns the biggest shop in Happy Valley and one of the biggest in Neopia. She has short white hair and big blue eyes.

Gordo is an energetic cloud kyrii while his sister Silvana is a calm and sensible, although bossy, starry kyrii. The three of them became Clara’s second family and their shop her second home.


Clara is basically a hardworking, ambitious (a bit of a workaholic sometimes) and confident person. Her big problem is that sometimes she spends so much time doing business that she sees live as a business and forgets to have fun or do anything that she won't get profit of.

For her every thing has a price and she will rarely be seen doing things without a cause or chances of making some neopoints. Lines like "of course, but for a price" or "That will cost you..." are commonly associated with her. This makes her sometimes misinterpreted as being greedy, so she doesn't have many true friends, but she truly treasures the friends she has (although sometimes she is so submerged in work that she forgets to show them). She does have however a huge number of acquaintance, some of them with odder professions or more business like relationships than other, but still people that she can have modest talks or ask for small favors. She isn't shy at all and she knows that to succeed you must know a great deal of people, so she tries to be polite and give a good impression every time she meets some one new (Donna knows if they will eventually turn into neomillionaires).

She does have some fears and insecurities, like failing in her goal of becoming as successful a businesswoman as her mentor Cristina, but she doesn't like showing her weak side. When sad or frustrated she tends to dive into work, in extreme cases she has been known for spending three days with out sleep reorganizing her basement.

This hiding of her emotions to look stronger and her not apparent interest in making actual relationships had owned her nicknamed of Ice Queen in school. She always looks very sober and businesslike so although she is pretty not many boys have the nerves to ask her out by fear that she will just reject them as she have more productive business to attend rather than spending time with them. But she isn't a social outcast or anything of that sort. Although she rarely goes into deep relationships with people she is quite talkative and has no problem introducing herself to new people, she just never reaches important conversation topics and is mainly trying to be agreeable to everybody she knows.

She is actually a pretty clever girl but not a geniuses as Zelda (Sailor Zafara) or fact crazy as Kara Lynn (Sailor Buzz). She does however have a huge head for numbers and patterns and a crazy memory. But her knowledge mostly comes from someone who watches the news and reads the newspaper a lot, apart from basic skills that she learned while doing her job. Ask her a question about the anatomy of the acara or basic computer programming and she won't have a clue what you are talking about. But ask her about current events that affect the economy like rumors of war, how to identify handmade faerie craft objects from human mass produced ones or the price of grey anubis in dubloons and she can rant about it for hours.

Another ability that her shop has given her is the one of persuasive talking. As any good saleswoman she can sometimes convince you of buying or doing almost anything. When she really wants something she has now problem in using this ability, whether it is convincing some random user to give her a good deal in code stones or Kaisuu to do the cooking.

She can really concentrate when she wants to but when something catches her attention it can be difficult to get her back. Especially if the "something" is a rare object: she will immediately became curious about what it does, how it works, and above all for how much it's sold.

At the beginning Clara was to busy to pay much attention to the sailors, and in fact she thought it was a waste of time and she would make more profit if she just sold her pen in the black market. But after discovering that Cristina was the first Sailor Kyrii she has become more interested, mostly because of the respect she had for her than for the actual mission of saving Neopia.


Clara grew up in a small house in Terror Mountain. When she was 8 she created her fist pet, Kaisuu, and turned him into a Battledome pet. She wanted both of them to become rich and famous Battledome stars. She started well but soon realized how expensive the Battledome could be.

Her friend Cristina, who owned one of the biggest shops in Happy Valley, offered her a small job taking care of the candy alley in her shop. She immediately loved it: she liked helping kids like her find the most candy for the lowest price and getting to talk to different people that she would never even notice in the street. Plus, she was good at it,keeping the alley organized and always remembering where everything was. Extremely good at math, she could easily keep track of the sales without using a computer or calculator. When she was 13 she convinced her parents to let her move to Neopian Central to open her own shop; they agreed, not easily and with the condition that she will keep her good grades.


Clara and Kaisuu live in an apartment in the second floor of their shop. The shop is currently size 500 but is constantly growing and becoming more widely known. They don't specialize in any type of items but may sometimes do specific sales. Clara may some times do special prices to the other sailors because she somehow feels guilty of spending to much time in the shop; in particular, she runs a special candy delivery for Brooke (Sailur Usul), who was forbidden to go to the candy shop. She also has a small side business, her small collection of rare books which she now and then may lend to a scholar doing an investigation. For a price, of course.

As a Sailor

Aura: Dark Blue
Second Aura: Light blue
Transformation: She says Kyrii Neo Power Make Up! A fine dust surrounds her and starts spinning around her in circles until you can no longer see her. When the dust clears Sailor Kyrii appears.
Attack: Kyrii Cyclone - a cyclone comes out from Sailor Kyrii's hands.
Mist: The Llaphi (Quechua for temperature) Mist.
Llaphi Change: Allows her to change the temperature around an object, enough to change its state of matter. When she drinks the mist her uniform turns into air and then falls again as rain. The uniform colors remain the same but some patterns appear in it. Clara inherited this mist from the former Sailor Kyrii, Cristina.

How To Write Clara

She is not shy; the reason why she doesn't have many friends is not shyness but lack of time, as she is always busy.

-She is very organized so attack plans that are simply "go and attack randomly as we can" don't satisfy her - although she usually turns to them, not being very creative and therefore not being able to create a attack plan.

-Very protective of those she likes, such as her pet and brother.

-Although she is extremely good at maths and economy she isn't especially clever at any other school subject.

-Being always with customers or providers has made her a very polite person, so she wont go around screaming at people when she disagree on a subject; she prefers persuasive talking.

-VERY curious about strange objects.

-She knows the price of about every thing so she will always search for the best deal.

-Her shop is her actual job and main source of income so she will be spending lots of time there.