Sailor Usul

Sailor Usul, by MaddieName: "Babbling" Brooke Cassonade
Birthday: 27th of Storing (November)
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Age: 15 as of Y3 (4 months older than Leslie)
Likes: Climbing (whether it be trees or rocks), candy (especially lollipops), chunky peanut butter, macadamia pie, boys, anything nutty, track.
Dislikes: Creamy peanut butter, anything that's sweet but not candy (fruit, ice cream), lazing around, non-energetic people, getting wet.

Green beans with bacon and walnuts
Drink: Red Kau energy drink
Sport: Track and Field, Rock Climbing
Television Show: Summer Neolympics
Musical Groups: Kill Hannah and the Ice Caves, Kauscada, Brucey Brucassi, Le Kougre, Kyrii Chiefs, Chaos! at the Concert Hall
Video Game: Step Step On The Arrows
Class: Physical Education
Color: Neon Yellow

Appearance: Tall (5'6") and thin. She has very long blonde hair that she keeps braided, but for some reason she can't stop a lot of the hair from coming out of the braids near the crown of her head or around her hanging braids (she has layered hair), giving her the appearance of a very messy Usul. Her legs are very long and her eyes are pale blue and almond-shaped. She also has a very high pitched voice, akin to Alvin and the Chipmunks. She also has braces because her teeth are very crooked. The colors of the rubber bands she has on the braces are often neon colors that glow in the dark. She especially likes hot pink.

Family: She lives with her mother, Willow, and her usul, Hyper_Mix069, on Forest Drive in Neopia Central. Her mother is very supportive of Brooke's athletic pursuits and often comes to her track meets. She sees her father Gregg every so often, usually on weekends and summer hoildays, since he lives in a different part of Neopia.

History: Her parents divorced when she was very young; her mom got custody and moved her to the Haunted Woods where Brooke learned her proficiency for climbing (trees and rocks, among other things).

Brooke has always been a little bit spoiled; her mother felt guilty about the turmoil caused by the divorce and Brooke's lack of a father figure, so Brooke quickly learned that she could get whatever she wanted with only a little bit of pouting.

At thirteen, she created her own account (baby_bottle_pop187) and adopted her usul. She makes Neopoints playing Meerca Chase, Usul Alpine Challenge and working out at Grundo's Gym, and her bank account would be overflowing were it not for her rather unfortunate spending habits, most of which revolve around candy.

That same year she finally convinced her mother to move from the dreary Haunted Woods to bright and green Neopia Central.

Sailor Usul, by CaitlinPersonality: Brooke is very hyper and carefree. She doesn't ponder things too often, or think before she does things. Hence, she can often be found saying, 'Whaddaya worryin' about?!' From a young age, Brooke has been very manipulative and she knows she can get anything she wants just by pouting. Because of this, Brooke has been very hard to handle. If she cannot get what she wants, she will often throw a temper tantrum. Her tantrums can range from just being steaming mad, to stomping and continually asking, 'But WHY?!', to even breaking things sometimes. This can get VERY annoying, and with the combination of her voice, people just want to shut her up, so they give in.

Brooke could probably keep a sentence going for an hour, which spawned the nickname 'Babbling Brook'. She often gets very excited about something and has a spasm of joy, and then just keeps talking and talking at a rapid pace. She often runs out of breath, but she still continues because she's that excited. If she REALLY needs to breathe, though, she will often take in a loud, sharp, short breath through her teeth, akin to a vacuum cleaner. This incessant talking also annoys people, and plus her voice gets so high, that they often just tune her out. Some of her more sarcastic sailor friends will give her a round of applause once she is done.

Brooke also holds major grudges. She will get upset over the littlest thing, even if whatever the person does is not her fault. She will be angry with this person for as long as possible, until she gets some kind of apology and payment back.

Often times at school, Brooke is seen hanging out with the 'jocks'. These are also the boys she likes to date, ones that are just as athletic as she is. Brooke likes to play a multitude of sports, including volleyball, soccer, hockey, swimming, gymnastics, and tennis, but for school, she mostly plays track and field. Currently, her record time for 4 laps is 4:23. Her record for running a mile is 6:26.

As A Sailor:
Aura: Cherry red
Secondary: Gold

Henshin Phrase: 'Usul Neo Power, Make Up!'
Henshin Sequence: Brooke raises her arms up above her head and begins to spin around. The spinning creates red glitter and gold and red sparkly ribbons to appear. The ribbons and transforming Brooke spin faster and faster until she is seen as a mass of golden light, and the spinning finally slows and stops, revealing a fully transformed Sailor Usul!

Attack: 'Usul Scratch!' Sailor Usul crosses her arms and growls a high-pitched growl. Her eyes glow bright red, and she stands in that position for a period of seconds, to give the attack more oomph. She then unexpectedly unleashes her arms, and little, sparkly red pins fly toward the enemy, pricking them.

How do I write her?
- Make her constantly moving, from tapping her toe to jumping around to swaying from side to side.
- If she holds a grudge against a character, this trend should continue for at LEAST 8 episodes.
- In sailor form, make her constantly angry, to get everyone pumped. Letting her anger out can make her attacks stronger, since she keeps it in all the time when she is bubbly.
- Make sure she carries a can of Red Kau, a Baby Bottle Pop, and a chocolate bar wherever she goes.

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