Sailor Uni

As a User

Name: Alissandra "Allie" Rider
Name meaning: Alissandra - "Protector," Rider - "Horse trainer"
Blood type: A
Birthday: 18 Awakening (February)
Age: 15 as of y4 (Same age as Leslie)
Star sign: Aquarius
Favourite food: Diet Neocola, French fries
Hated food: Vegetables
Likes: Unis, magazines, manicures, TV
Dislikes: Most other people, ugly pets, her parents
Hobbies: Reading magazines, chasing boys, dieting, shopping
Strengths: Good fashion sense?
Weaknesses: Selfish, egocentric, powerhungry, childish

Appearance: Slightly above-average height (5'5") and 105lbs. She's a size one, and trying to reach 100lbs and size zero. Shortish blonde hair, blue eyes, perfect skin caked with makeup.

Family: Her mother (Sarah) who has no control over her life, her drunk father (Thomas) who is suppposedly always away on business trips, and her two Unis: Peagus2000, who is always spoiled and painted Striped; GoldenBeauty37, also spoiled, who was born yellow and painted Gold. Nobody ever dares mention that Peagus' name is spelled wrong (it's pronounced Pegasus).

Personality: No one in the history of Neopia has said "no" to Allie Rider. Not her mother, not her father, not any one of her teachers, coaches or friends. Allie does as she pleases, when she pleases and how she pleases, with no limitations, exceptions nor conditions.

Her main obsession is her weight, which allows her to avoid thinking about more pressing matters, such as her falling grades, her father or her lack of healthy relationships. She misrepresents her riches, emotional status and family to her friends, and is usually able to convince everyone that she has a better life than they do.

She delights in tormenting other girls, especially by stealing their boyfriends. She has most boys wrapped around her little finger (with the notable exception of Anton Rheinhold (Sailor Techo), who is smart enough to realize what a jerk she is), and will snap any one of them up at a whim, even if she's already dating someone. Even her closest friends are not invulnerable to her fits of rage and selfishness; she has been known to spend upwards of fifteen minutes screaming at Bird Sin Gayle (Sailor Eyrie) about who-knows-what. Bird puts up with this only because she knows her friend isn't who she seems.

Most people at NCHS (at least, those who are outside the "popular" crowd) assume that Allie is an airhead or stupid, while actually, she's quite intelligent for her age and a critical thinker. She knows what she wants and how to get it; however, she doesn't know herself well enough to realize that having lots of boyfriends won't give her the companionship she craves. Her well-hidden insecurity causes her to convince herself of her superiority by cutting down other girls at school -- with the undesirable side effect of removing any chance she might have of ever having a healthy relationship. She has a true friend in Bird, although she may not see it yet, and this friendship will prove invaluable to her later on.

Allie is largely ignored by her parents -- her mother has learned to not even bother arguing with her, and her father is rarely home, but when he is, the only attention he pays her is to throw things at her and occasionally call her a fat slut. Years of her father's insults have started to take their toll on her and she has become extremely insecure: She has made up her mind to become thin enough that her father will never call her fat again. This is an impossible task, of course, but she can try.

Don't get too sympathetic, though. Even with a sad story behind it, Allie is still selfish, stubborn, childish, bratty, spoiled, intolerant and a snob. She will do anything to get her own way, from throwing tantrums to stabbing people in the back. What she really lacks is the maturity to handle tough situations responsibly; this ability may or may not come to her as she ages, depending on her experiences and the people around her.

As a Sailor

Aura: Pink
Secondary color: Yellow
Uniform alterations: She has a gold horn in the centre of her forehead instead of a tiara.
Henshin: Uni Neo Power, Make Up! A golden stream of light surrounds her and then fades away leaving Sailor Uni in her uniform.
Attack: Uni Spark - Her horn shoots out lightning blasts of golden energy, which hit her target like lasers.

Sailor Uni originally proposed joining the Chaos Faerie in a mimic of Sailor Chia's bid for power, but the ever-jealous Chia refused to share her favored position. (She would later be forced to, but that's another story.) Now she reluctantly joins in fighting for Neopia, often only at Bird's coercion.

How to write Allie
  • She almost never fights unless Bird prompts her. No saving-the-day-rescuey-action for her
  • She's not nice to anyone. Not even her friends. No, really. And they still hang out with her and love her. No, really!
  • When out with her friends, she doesn't eat. She instead reapplies her lip gloss every two seconds and flirts with any boy in a twenty-foot radius. Never, ever show her eating or buying food.
  • She is not very physically fit at all and often gets dizzy spells. Don't have her fight too hard -- generally if forced to fight, she does Uni Horn once and then leaves.