Sailor Kacheek

Basic Stats

Name: Miles Tailor
Nicknames: Millie, Tails
Name Meaning: None; she was named for an uncle
Age at Beginning of Series: 14 (8 months younger than Leslie)
Birthday: 3rd Collecting (October)
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Blood Type: A+
Family: Father, Mother, Sister (20), Brothers (16, 10, and 8)
Resides: Middle-class Central Neopia
Hobbies: Singing, reading
Dreams: To be a singer and marry her true love
Birthstone: Rose zircon
School: NCJH (9), Inigmah: Music (10, 11, 12)

Favorite Colors: Dark Grey, Light Grey
Least Favorite Colors: Neon pink, yellow
Favorite School Subjects: Fine and performing arts
Least Favorite School Subjects: Mathematics and science
Favorite Foods: Soup and chocolate
Least Favorite Foods: Broccoli and onions
Favorite Minerals: Carbon and diamond

Miles Is (Strengths):

Relatively intelligent
A good listener
Adept at most artistic endeavors

Miles Is (Weaknesses):

Poor at sports
Poor at making friends
Afraid of the dark
Afraid of rejection
A kiss-up
A perpetual wallflower


Miles is kind of wacky, as far as personality goes.  She tends to be moody, spacey, and timid, but makes up for it by working as hard as she can all the time.  She sings fairly well, and does all sorts of artsy stuff in her spare time.  Her enemies call her weird, nuts, crazy, quiet, and brainy.  She gets teased about her name, her clothes, pretty much everything a lot.  She tries not to let it get to her, but is often in tears because of said treatment.  She also has trouble with her teachers (she is a suck-up and too worried about her grades), her parents divorce, and herself on a whole.  She has barely any friends to boot, as she can be annoyingly insecure.  But perhaps becoming a Sailor Neopet will fix some of this.


Miles was born to eccentric parents, naming her after a long dead uncle.  This did not help being the middle child, or being stuck with three brothers and a sister who left home before Miles even knew her.  But she survived it all (albeit frustratingly).  Miles, her parents, and her brothers all moved to Neopia Central from West Neopia for their dad's new job, and were sent to different schools.  After finishing out the rest of the school year at Neopia Central Junior High Miles entered Inigmah under Music, and is fitting in better there than she ever did at NCJH.  Her older brother dropped out of Neopia Central Senior High, and her younger brothers both go to Neopia Central Elementary.  Her mother works at home for The Neopian Auction House (TAG) as a seller and a service consultant.  Her father works for Health Frog Groceries (HELT) as a general manager in one of their many stores.  Her older brother now works at Hubert's Hot Dog Stand.  Miles' parents divorced soon after they all moved, and her father moved out of their old house into an apartment down the street from the rest of the family.  Miles is just beginning to be interested in members of the opposite sex, and is hoping to make more friends now.


Weight: 160 lbs
Height: 54"
Hair: Auburn. In a long, tight braid from the base of the neck to the ankles; one or two tiny braids at the sides of the face; fluffy bangs just reaching the tops of the eyes
Eyes: Dark blue
Skin: Dense freckles across the nose


MilesTails: MilesTails is a skunk Kacheek that is 1331 days old and named after Miles Tailor.  He has a selket named Ami. MilesTails is a quiet, reserved Kacheek.  He is not shy, but he likes to make a careful observation of new things and people before forming any opinions.  He is the closest to his mistress, Miles, but also loves his brothers and human clan very much as well.  MilesTails is also the most intelligent of his pet family, and can be seen reading nearly all day.  LOUISXX is his protector of sorts, and while MileTailes appreciates it a whole lot, he is a little resentful of the fact that his younger brother will not let MilesTails protect him.
LupeDawg_2000: LupeDawg_2000 is a red Lupe that is 1293 days old.  He has a selket named Rei. LupeDawg_2000 is a even-tempered, elegant Lupe . . . unless you get him mad.  He can be a total jerk to people he does not respect, but he is fiercely protective of his brothers and his human family.  He has a special bond with RibbitXMan, and the two often play pranks on Miles' brothers.
LOUISXX: LOUISXX is a green Bruce that is 1330 days old.  He has a selket named Makoto.  LOUISXX is a headstrong young Bruce and tends to get in fights pretty often.  But he really has a heart of gold, and he will do anything for his friends and family.  He likes to cook, which gets him teased (and ultimately into fights), and he has a soft spot in his heart for MilesTails.
RibbitXMan: RibbitXMan is a yellow Poogle that is 1305 days old.  He has a selket named Minako.  RibbitXMan is a energetic, happy fellow, almost the total opposite of his mistress, Miles.  He likes sunshine and fun, and tries his very hardest to make Miles happy.  She adores him for it, but he can be just a tad aggravating when Miles is feeling particularly down, since he will not stop until she is happy again.  RibbitXMan used to be a blue Quiggle, but he played with an enchanted yellow poogle toy, and poof!  His best pet friend is his brother LupeDawg_2000, and RibbitXMan is the one that usually drags LupeDawg_2000 into his pranks.

Sailor Kacheek

Henshin/Transformation: Kacheek Neo Power, Make Up!
Basic Attack: Kacheek Slide!
Attack Type: You would think skunk-type attacks, since her Kacheek is skunk painted, but that is just wrong.  So Miles' powers are based on quickness,cunning, manipulation, and that sort of thing.
Aura Color: Dark grey
Secondary Color: Light grey
Boot Style: Normal SN with four 'K' cutouts up the front of each boot
Earrings: Dark grey 'N's on light grey studs
Back Ribbon: Like Super Sailor Moon’s back ribbon, minus about two inches, forked ends
Glove Length: Very short, just about her wrists

How to Write Miles

  • Miles, like Leslie, will not talk much due to intensive mental scarring. However, unlike Leslie, Miles is prone to saying weird or flaky things when she is nervous. But Miles also has a tendency to say completely poignant or eloquent things out of the blue, and then forget she said them.

  • Miles is heavyset and uncomfortable about it. The fact that she gains minimal reflex and agility skills as a senshi delights her to no end, so she will never miss an opportunity to use said skills. This will eventually help her lose weight (but she does not know this yet).

  • Miles is an avid bookworm, so her attention span is hard to catch. In meetings she will probably try to pay attention but lose track of things often.

  • Miles is very friendly and non-confrontational. She wants everyone to be friends and wants everyone to like her. The only one she truly hates is Chia, because she dared to hurt the first person to truly be her friend. Thus, things are no holds barred as far as Chia is concerned.