Pandi Bon///Sailor Aisha Not your Normal Faerie Tale

Name: Pandi Bon
Alias: Bones : Pan
Age: 16 (10 months older then Leslie/Sailor Lupe)
Bloodtype: A
Birthday: April 5th
School: Faerie Arts Academy


Sculpting, painting, glass blowing, sketching, entering the art contest, napping in random public areas, talking to strangers, Live Action Rping with others, floating around, faerie quests, and entertaining friends (Helen and Kilo.)


Her height, The Fontaine Sisters, Haunted Woods Petpets, stripes, questioning people, sketch books, leaving junk items on Jhudora's cloud, islands, floating, friendship, techno/punk/ska music genres, dancing, allowing to 'let her hair down', stars, Illusen, Xweetoxs, labeling things with nail polish, spring weather with summer fun, fall colors and warm winter comfort.


Cold-Arid weather, Balthazar, being alone at night, hangnails, obligations, glitter in her eyes, serious situations (against her nature,) cooking for her Culinary Class (The Soup Faerie can keep her job, Fyora Bless.)


Born to a "French" architect, her father Debray Bon was chief director of the construction of a segment of Faerie City, when a young (considering faerie ages) faerie woman crossed their intended paths. The building he was consigned to was actually to be a secluded art studio that the faerie had decided to take shop to. For a short time, Debray and his new faerie-bride made a home together. An architect and an artist. A year passed and they added an additional room...more specifically, a nursery. They were an admirable, loving family. Finances were easy to come by with the both revenues and toddler Pandi was playing mynci-see-mynci-do alongside her mother in the (now) well-established and published art studio. At three years old, on Pandi's mother's regular nightly walks on the way home from the studio, the unthinkable happened; Balthazar happened. Years passed... searches were dismissed. Debray Bon established Pandi into a highly acclaimed art school....Faerie Arts Academy. Still modestly higher-class, Debray left to work abroad the world while she boarded at the FAA, living with her male classmate, Kilo Andrews, a faerie-sort of man, aspiring hairdresser. (Don't worry, no funny business.) She never has a steady job, but she works in-and-out of various places till she becomes bored with it. Pandi and her father get together during school holidays. Debray funds Pandi to the point of spoiling her, however, she is attentive of how she disperses her points.


A character unto herself. Pandi's childhood was free-spirited, which is how she is presently. She's optimistic, willing to make friends with anyone and will often make the first move in any situation, sometimes becoming a little too pushy. Pandi's outer character is confidant, though she isn't cocky or egotistical. She doesn't like to hold back; be it in her goals or conversations she is (or isn't,) invited to. She hates bottled faeries and campaigns against their use, existence and promotion. However, she does enjoy her daily Illusen quests (She loves to pester Jhudora by ritually asking for her quests after she finishes Illusen's.)

Given the situation, Pandi (Or "Bones" to certain individuals,) loves to spook pets, no0bz, and random passing individuals who appear bored. She tends to be impish if she remains idle for set amounts of time, so she is best kept busy. She loves her artistic involvements and her school, so she dedicates a lot of her time to her inherited studio and even tries to overcome her seemingly inability to make a simple meal by testing her concoctions on poor Kilo.

On the negative scope of things, Pandi can be domineering and overbearing when she wants answers. She loves to talk out problems, especially if the other doesn't want to; some find it tolerable while others may not take so lightly. Pandi has a knack for her judge of character, though she appears to be naïve to most and not taken seriously---like the Chia that cried Lupe. Oddly enough, Pan has self-esteem issues. Secretly she is insecure about her place in Neopia, and continually is making friends by grabbing their attention through wacky, unconventional ways, straddling the edge of unique and attention diva.


As a scrawny, red Aisha, YoYo's chances started out rather slim to begin with, but being a roomy with a large, mentally unstable, battle-scared (and HP pumped) Lupe was a near death sentence. No doubt a cruel joke by Dr. Death, YoYo's placement in the Pound was a crucial factor to his apprehensive behavior. Not truthfully scared of Lupes, YoYo has developed a nervous disorder and practices caution and suspicion around any canine. He's still getting used to FirePrinse, but isn't sure what to make of him. YoYo is very intelligent and sarcastic….which leads to his haughtiness towards everyone. He's to be written as the pessimistic lollygagger, with rare helpful insights except when it's self-benefiting and in special situations with "Bones". He comes and goes when he pleases. Pandi, or as he calls her, Bones, is a little sensitive about his nightly prowls, but doesn't stipulate on his curfew.


Bone's wings aren't strong enough to hold her for long periods of time, but she can float about....which she does....a lot. It's her usual method of startling people. In senshi form, they basically act the same, with the small exception that their size increases slightly, and she can stay afloat a little extra longer. Her wings along with her light frame keep her 'buoyant' in all situations, so she is more agile then most.

Physical Appearance

Hair: Constantly changing colors (the base color is always maroon) due to Kilo's experiments. Usually in messy pigtails. Let loose, it falls more thickly to the left and is similar to a lions mane.
Eyes: Icy cobalt
Build: Dainty, light, petite
Height: 4'9"
Miscellaneous: Small wings in shades of purple. Glittery.

Sailor Aisha

Aura color:

Deep Amethyst


Pale purple


She has flowing arm pieces, that hang loose and free connected by a gold band on the top.
Her bows (all bows) are a golden bannana yellow.

Transformation: Aisha Neo Power, Make Up!

Once yelled, Bones is enveloped in falling shades of purple glitter, becoming a shining silhouette. When she appears, she is completely uniform-ed.


Aisha Saber Fangs!

Clasping her hands in front of her body, creating a 'fanged' resemblance, pulls her hands vertically apart, and a misty, purple hazed Aisha figure prances and pounces around and suddenly turns to the enemy and opens its grinning fanged mouth and flies towards them, causing several deep cuts.

How to write for her:

Things Bones is most likely NOT going to do: