Sailor Tuskaninny

Basic Stats

Name: Marieta Darkwood

Name meaning: None; named for paternal grandmother

Nicknames: Mary, Eta

Gender: Female

Age at Beginning of Series: 14 (8 months younger than Leslie)

Birthday: 5th Collecting (October 5)

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Birthstone: Rose zircon

Blood Type: B-

Family: Father, Stepfather, Mother, Stepmother, 2 sisters (2 and 4), 2 brothers (5 and 7)

Resides: Higher Middle-class Central Neopia

Hobbies: Photography, baseball

Dreams: To be a pharmacist; to be a success

School: Midvale High School (9, 10, 11, 12)

Weight: 130 lbs.

Height: 5'2"

Hair: Dark brunette, nearly black

Hairstyle: Short and straight to her shoulders with a slight inward culrl at the ends, thick fringe across forehead

Eyes: Mahogany (dark brown)

Eye style: Slanted and suspicious, often angry

Face: Light makeup at all times


Favorite Colors: Cerulean, lemon yellow

Least Favorite Colors: Red, black

Favorite School Subjects:
Fine arts (photography is her specialty), history

Least Favorite School Subjects:
Mathematics, geography

Favorite Foods: Chicken, Hot Chiatos

Least Favorite Foods: Tomatoes, bananas

Favorite Elements/Minerals:
Carbon, diamond

Marieta Is (strengths):

Relatively intelligent


A good baseball player


Marieta Is (weaknesses):

Poor at keeping her mouth shut

Poor at returning things she borrows

Somewhat afraid of her parents

Afraid of rejection

A know-it-all



Marieta is bossy, intelligent, moody, and stubborn. She has had to take charge early in her life, since her parents use her as a jack-of-all-trades. Her parents divorced early in her life, so Marieta has only seen her mother for visitation. Her stepmother, on the other hand, is always at home when she is not working as a clerk for Unis Beauty Salon (UNIB). But even though she is home, Mrs. Darkwood rarely does anything and makes Marieta clean the house and watch her siblings. Also, she and Marieta's father expect Marieta to get perfect grades, have extra activities, and seem happy. As you can expect, she is not. But Marieta is the perfect daughter, and puts up with being miserable. The only thing she ever rebelled against was going to the 'elite' school when they moved, so she attends Midvale High School on the edge of Neopia, closer to the Haunted Woods, instead of Inigmah. It is a normal, public school, and the only way she ever persuaded her father to let her attend MHS was to promise to be valedictorian and be in at least four activities.


Marieta was born to fairly well off Neopians, so she was given the best. But in return, she was expected to BE the best. Her parents divorced when she was only four, and both remarried. Her father was chosen by the court to be her guardian, so she moved to eastern Neopia, far from her home on the coast of Neopia in the Haunted Woods. Although she learned to make friends and put up a happy front, she was rarely able to shake the guilt she felt at her parents' split and the pressure she had put on her to be number 1, as well as all her parents' servant. Being a minority from the Haunted Woods made her feel different as well. But she fought hard to keep her individuality and continues to try to be the best she can be. The problem is she isn't the best she can be, because of such things. She's bossy, stubborn, critical, and condescending. If you aren't intelligent enough, she'll tease you until you tell her to stop. Then she'll just see you as inferior in her mind, while trying her hardest to tell anyone.


SpongiMari: SpongiMari is Marieta's only pet. Mari (as Marieta calls her) is a Baby Tuskaninny that is 1002 days old. She has an Urchull that is only 20 days old. Mari used to be a Sponge Kiko (hence her name) that was named after the popular children's show, "Sponge Kiko Bandaged Head". But when Marieta had all the map pieces to take Mari to the Lab Ray, she turned into a Red Tuskaninny. Marieta had wanted a Faerie Kiko, so she kept going to the Ray. But every day for months, Mari cycled through the colors for a Tuskaninny. Finally, Marieta accepted her pet's new species and, somehow, felt like she was accepting a new chapter into her life.

Sailor Tuskaninny

Henshin/Transformation: Tuskaninny Neo Power, Make Up!

Attack: Tuskaninny Punch!

Attack Type: Her attacks, much like her true personality are furious, critical, and fast, She uses her punch to knock out opponents with one swing. Tuskaninny also has the ability to form a tail and breath under water while in senshi form (her tail is the normal Tuskaninny style, but in cerulean).

Aura Color: Lemon Yellow

Secondary Color: Indigo

Gloves: Normal SN, but with a Eternal Moon-esque band of indigo at her wrists.

How to Write Marieta

  • Marieta says what is on her mind with people her own age, so she would never just sit in the background and watch at a senshi meeting, attack, etc.
  • Marieta can be cruel if she is in a bad mood and someone is acting stupid, but she never means to be.
  • Marieta will almost never stand up to her parents or figures of authority.
  • Marieta is often found reading dark novels or listening to music, if only to escape the real world.