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Latest Updates

7/13: Episode 2 is now up on the main site! Yay! :3

7/12: Sailor Aisha and Flotsam's pages have been sprucified. The 'Musical Tastes' list has been CoINed and is now up for look-sies.

7/11: SN episode 3 is up in the GJ for review. There is also the latest RP on the board. Attacks on certain soldiers have been altered/redone.

7/9: The CoIN version of episode 1 is now up on the site as well as a pre-CoIN Sailor Koi bio. Take a break from whatever your doing or about to do and check 'em out!

7/1: Brianna has posted a new challenge for this month, but the old one is still up if anyone is interested; Morgan has updated the Art journal, so take a peek, please; Go check out Morgan's GJ entry for Brianna's monthly challenge--you may get an inspirationl boost and join in too.

6/18: Erin has done a lovely job updating profiles, such as adding new pictures to Bruce, Buzz and Quiggle. Also, Ixi's profile is now up in the Pending Soldier's section.

6/13: Pandi has an official age now; Lenny and Nemmo are up for adoption; Kau's bio is now in .doc format now; uniform update on the "N" theme changed to stars; New poll-check it out; and the Pending Senshi page has been updated. Pheeew. Over and out.

6/9: Oh! And you know what else is awesome? I'm real excited about it anywho. Our brand-new art journal on GJ. Check it out; sn_art. Oh yeah.

6/8: Guess what we have? Wanna know? We have an IRC Channel! Woot! Party-down. Anywho, if you have any questions, leave those and comments at SN_misc account.

6/4: I'm a tad delayed on this Update Box Lady-thing, buuuut, I bear good news! Kau and Aisha's temp. bios are up to view and have been CoIN-approved as well. Thanks for Caitlin, Morgan and Amanda for doing dolls!

5/14: A whole slew of new bios! Not only is Zafara's CoIN-approved page live, but several Pending sailors have full profiles up. These are not CoINed yet, but they're more than the former minibios. Check 'em out!

5/6: Wocky's CoIN-approved bio is up at last.

4/26: Sailors Grarrl and Usul now have CoIN-approved bios; Wocky's should be up shortly. Blumaroo and Eyrie have new profiles, too. Finally, several of the character sprites have been updated.

4/11: Sailor Skeith and Sailor Gelert have CoIN-approved bios up. Also, five of the Info Desk lists have been brought (almost) up to speed.

04/09: Some new characters are up on the Other Characters page!

04/04: Episode 66 is up!

04/03: Regular layout restored.

04/02: The regular layout shall be fully restored shortly. Did everyone enjoy their April Fool's Day?

3/17: Two new side stories by Amanda and Erin.

3/24: Flotsam's and Scorchio's bios have been tweaked.

3/11: We have been updating; we've just been lax about recording it. Korbat's new bio is up, and more sailors are up for adoption.

3/8: There's a new episode by Rosa Maria, and there are also lots of new profiles up on the Bios page. How come this thing hasn't been updated in so long, anyway?

2/5: The Bios page, which contains only CoIN-approved revised profiles, has several new additions: Sailor Bruce, Sailor Eyrie, and Sailor Blumaroo! Sailors Kacheek and Tuskaninny have also been up for several days.

1/28: The BIOS section is up, as well as the fact that the Christmas stories have been added as Side Stories. Check 'em out!

1/16: Website's down. Bear with us for the moment. EDIT: That was only a small glitch on Comicgen. Nothing to worry about.


12/17: It's been a while, hasn't it?  New pictures can be found in episodes 31, 48, 54, and 61.

11/08: Hi, it's Caitlin, I'm still here, well not really, but I do check in every day, sorry, Greatest Journal has taken over my mind..anyway, there's a new episode.

9/09: There is a new side story! Shoo! Why are you reading the update box when you could be reading the side story?!

9/04: The new, edited Maraquan Duology is up!

8/31: Episode 61 is up -- check it out!

8/25: There are also two new episodes!

8/25: This is a pointless update just to let you know that your favorite or maybe not updater is back! That's right, Caitie reporting for duty! Also, it would be really, REALLY nice if Techo wasn't expiring. ^_^ Yeah. That's it.

8/18: Two new episodes AND a new side story are live!

7/12: The Reference Desk now has a new list: schools and grades.

7/10: Sailor Flotsam's intro is up!

7/5: Sailor Skeith's profile has two new images on it, and Sailor Moehog now has a birthday ^_^

7/5: Much content has been moved to GreatestJournal, and we have a new working guestbook! Many links on the site will be broken for a while now; they're all correct on the front page, tho, so just use that for the moment.

6/25: Chase's Intro is up!

6/20: Moehog has been adopted by L!z!

6/17: Mynci's profile has been revised and a new side story (by Catie) is up!

6/15: Sailor Tuskaninny is in! We have a full complement of sailors! Party! And did we mention that Sailor Wocky was adopted? She's now played by tuxedojupiter.

6/14: Two more handy lists at the Reference Desk ^_^

6/11: Sailor Flotsam's profile is up!

5/20: Sailor Nimmo's profile gets spiffed up a bit.

5/14: New scenes in episodes 16, 34, and 53.

3/23/05: New layout is completely up! Hooray! You might have to refresh some pages to correctly see it.

3/22/05: Sailor Zafara has a Henshin animation! Credits to Brianna for Zelda's voice.

2/26/05: The cliffhanger is resolved in the newest episode, and everyone feels better (sort of).

2/19/05: New episode up! Cliffhanger and all. Oh, the suspense. Also, Sailor Scorchio has been adopted by ncutiegrrl ^_^

1/24/05: Want a new sailor but don't feel like creating one? There are some sailors up for adoption who would love to have you take over their characters ^_^

1/23/05: There's a new list: Battledome abilities of pets. Very useful for picking a sailor's attack.

1/12/05: Another new episode. We're on a roll, here.

1/01/05: New episode, and happy new year!

12/25/04: Sailor Moehog's profile gets a makeover. Merry Christmas!

12/24/04: Episode 41 is up, and the profiles of Sailor Blumaroo and Sailor Eyrie have been updated. Merry Christmahanukwanzakah to all!

12/7/04: Chase's profile has been . . . redone.

12/5/04: New side story.

12/4/04: Sailor Wocky's profile given a makeover, with new pictures.

12/3/04: The Lab Ray scorchio has been added to the Other Characters section.

11/30/04: Minor changes and a new picture on Sailor Uni's profile. Also, several unintroduced senshi expire.

11/21/04: New list, featuring all the family members of the sailors.

10/22/04: Sailor Techo added.

9/12/04: Grarrl's intro added and Chia's profile updated.

8/15/04: Numerous small fixes all around; dolls updated, info added, Kau's page revamped, Jenna's profile added, layout tweaked.

8/12/04: Diane's prof is on the villains page, some updates have been made to the reference desk, and the SN site has a whole new layout ^__^ Oh, and, new pics in episodes 35 and 45.

8/9/04: Update from Madison: This is kinda late/redundant, but Erin and I are back from our respective CTY camps! Didja miss us?

7/21/04: Update from Caitie~ As of Sunday the 18th, Erin and Madison have been at CTY( I WANNA GO!!!!)so I am taking the lead with Morgan and Dominique. ^^ This goes on for three weeks, and then we get our leerless feeder back.^_^

7/15/04: Zafara's profile is now in Flash too. Look for Easter eggs.

7/12/04: Jetsam's profile is up. In Flash! Yeeha! Not only that, there are TWO new episodes!

7/4/04: Bunch of new pics in the story section, new link button, AND the info section has been thoroughly revamped. Yeeha.

7/2/04: We've moved to Keenspace. All riiiiiiiiiiight. (And while we're here - Dom's side story is up!)