Sailor Zafara


Name: Zelda Bay
Age (at series start): 12
Birthday: June 8th
Horoscope: Gemini
Blood type: B
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 101 lbs
Lives in: Neopia Central
School: Attends NCJH at first. Upon reaching NCH, she starts taking Tues/Thurs classes at the Ice Caves Institute for Higher Learning, in addition to several college-level courses.


Clothing: Muted, cool tones; cozy but trendy sweaters, jeans or pants; flats.
Music: Borrows her sister’s CDs (trendier, rock-type music such as “Krawk Party” or “The Neomail Service”)


Most of the time Zelda is very laid-back: this results from her high confidence in her intelligence. However, in the case that this confidence is shaken (being outsmarted by someone, getting a low grade on a test), she will enter a state of indignancy, and just be in a bad mood in general until her confidence is restored, when she will revert to her normal relaxed condition. Most of the time, she manages to be happy without being hyper.

Unlike her sister, she is very submissive. When confronted, she rarely retaliates: at most, she may try to reason with the offender. She finds it more in her interest to compromise and avoid conflict than insist on getting things her way and expend energy on an argument, risking damaging relationships and eventually have to compromise anyway. This makes her poor at “standing up for what she believes in”, unlike many other sailors.

Without much free time for athletics, Zelda isn’t exactly in prime shape, so as a Sailor she avoids running around too much, preferring to conserve her energy.

She also uses her intelligence to help out her Sailor team, essentially being the Mercury of the SN. Her accomplishments currently include the standard-issue communicators.

She speaks succinctly, without slang, like many of her peers, but also without flowery language, as one might expect of a “genius”.

In the future, Zelda hopes to have a career in civil service: she enjoys using her abilities to help her peers, and also lacks the necessary ambition to propel herself up a career ladder. She has the abilities that could lead her to success, but lacks the drive to use them for her own material gain.


Her sister, Zoe (see Sailor Peophin’s profile), and her rather absentee parents. Zelda recognizes that her sister can be jealous of her parent’s relative favoritism, and feels badly, but doesn’t know what to do about it, making their relationship at least one area where her intellect can fail her.

Mr. and Mrs. Bay were once fond of Neopia’s cutesy charm. However, the arrested development, child-targeted, utopian concept of the world soon grew to creep them out, in a similar way to how many adults have fears of circus clowns. Recently, their visits to Neopia have been growing less and less frequent, spending most of their days in a much calmer setting. They let their daughters live in their Neohome, which was legally owned by them, until the girls reached the age of thirteen. Then, they gave the home to the girls to share, and are rarely seen. They do care for their daughters, but the environment in which they live is so sugary-sweet it gives them a stomachache if they stay too long.


Just about as much drama as yours, in case you’re wondering.

She had a fairly typical suburban life with Zoe and her parents until they left the girls to live a life of independence.


A green Zafara named My_lil_Zaffie who is cheerful and eagerly subservient, just like 99% of other pets in Neopia.

Sailor Stuff

Colors: Green and silver
uniform: Basic, with the exception of that her hair gains two green pigtails
Attack: Zafara Flame! – She can spew a flame from the palm of her hand.
Mist of Evian: Sakasa – Reverses her uniform colors (her aura becomes silver, 2nd green, pigtails and tiara gem turn silver), attack becomes Zafara Ice, where she can shoot a beam of ice to freeze an enemy (or for other más useful purposes)

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