Sailor Scorchio

Name: Ko-Kira Aiden
Meaning: Flame Lord
Age: 15 as of Y4
Birthplace: Neopia Central
Blood type: A
Star sign: Leo
Birthday: 3rd of Gathering
Favorite food: Chia pops, or anything spicy
Likes: Warm places, fire, her English accent
Dislikes: Nimmos (too smart), math
Favorite colors: Gold and red
School: NCJH (9, with tutoring), NCH (10, 11, 12)

Sordid Past

When Ko-Kira was five, Dr. Sloth attempted to engineer a "human lab ray". He had ten children, including Ko-Kira, kidnapped in order to test the device; her parents resisted, but on a whim he decided to use them for another experiment of his -- transplanting Grundo brains into users.

The ray had no measurable effects on any of the test subjects, so Sloth angrily sent them home, leaving the Grundos in Ko-Kira's parents' bodies with orders to let him know if anything further developed. Sure enough, when Ko-Kira hit puberty, she started going through more than the usual changes. She was growing scales on her arms, spines on her back, a small bump like the spurt of a tail on her lower back, and a little horn through the front of her hair.

Confused and self-conscious, Ko-Kira took to spending a lot of time in her attic, where she found a copy of the rare book Scaled Magic. As she flipped through it, a passage caught her eye -- beginning with "There is a rare human form of the Scorchio known as the Scorman," it went on to describe all the abnormal changes she was seeing in herself. When scormans get nervous, the book noted, their scales stick up; as Ko-Kira read the rest of the passage, she could feel the scales on her arms rising.

These scales, unlike those of Scorchios, are very valuable as a magical catalyst - see "Common Ingredients." Scormans are typically hunted and killed when young to obtain these scales.

Ko-Kira started to panic as memories of the human lab ray testing came back to her. Realizing that Sloth would doubtless hear about this and eventually sort out what she was, she felt she only had one option: Run away. Packing a few things, she took off for her favorite hunting spot: Buzz Peak.


Up until she was 13, Ko-Kira lived with her parents in a middle-class house in Neopia Central. Her mother, Myora, age 38, worked at Powell Elementary as a first-grade teacher, and her father, Leelo, age 41, was a psychologist. She completely lost contact with her family when she left home, but has an aunt and uncle, Adeola, age 44, her father's sister and Lucas, age 48, and two cousins: Erica, age 22 and Gregory, age 21. Ko-Kira now lives with with Melony (Sailor Moehog) and Naomi (Sailor Wocky), and has added herself and her pets to the growing disjointed and dysfunctional family in that house. However, their house burned down by a fire set by scorman hunters during her campaign, so she now lives in a home that was designed by Tori (Sailor Kau).


Ko-Kira has golden-brown hair and blood-red eyes. She is of average height and weight, but her weight tends to drop when she is working on something she deems "more important than food". She also has a few genetic mutations, thanks to the Lab Ray incident when she was five. She has a small red horn in the middle of her forehead and red scales on her upper arms. She used wear shirts with sleeves down to her elbows all the time to hide her scales, even if it was the summer, but over time has grown more accustomed to them and doesn't care about who sees them.

Pets and Account

The family pet, Luplee, had gone to look for Ko-Kira after the ran away, but was overtaken by Grundos sent by Sloth and mutated. When he and Ko-Kira were finally reunited, she discovered that he'd lost all memory of her. Nevertheless, they have become very close once more.

In the meantime, Ko-Kira created an account -- scormans_unite -- and a young red Scorchio of the same name (nicknamed 'Nite). With this account she also adopted Luplee and painted him Christmas. She has a very strong bond with Luplee and finds that she can share anything with him.

Luplee is very gruff and protective of Ko-Kira. He was originally her mother's pet, but still has had a strong bond with Ko-Kira ever since she was born. He would give his life to protect her. He enjoys watching Cheat! tournaments, reading classic literature and playing puzzle games. He really wants to be painted Desert, but isn't one to whine or complain until he gets it.

Nite is very sweet and naïve. She enjoys playing with Usukis and plushies. She has collected every Usuki ever to come out. Like most Scorchios, she likes to be near anything hot. She wants to be painted Faerie or Pink and asks for a paintbrush every chance she gets.


Since becoming a Sailor Neopet, Ko-Kira has returned to school, but has never had an aptitude for academics. It is also hard for her since she spent a year in isolation on top of Buzz Peak. She attends Neopia Central High School and is badgered almost daily by her peers for being a scorman. She despises school, but wants desperately to attend college to become a lawyer, so she attends school for that reason only. She basically hates all her classes, except for history. She is currently tutored once a week due to her skipping homework during the Scorman Rights Campaign. She is in debate club, which has meetings weekly after school.


Ko-Kira has a tough core; she couldn't have survived all she's been through any other way. She's not used to complaining, as her "parents" never responded to it, so she rarely does it. She's also a natural activist, standing strong behind her causes -- but tending to dismiss anything else. She has written letters complaining about unfair rights to her school a few times, saying that she and her friends are being ostracized for their differences. She hates "popular" people, because she believes that they have no individuality and that they are just Babaas blindly following the herd.

Ko-Kira is an expert at independent survival but can be awfully defensive; she's very attached to her Rainbow Gun, sometimes using it almost as a security blanket. Occasionally she gets overtaken by memories and mopey, though she won't explain why to anyone. She can also be very pessimistic when she gets worried and can get worked up over little details that don't really matter.

Ko-Kira enjoys being outside, hunting or hiking. She enjoys listening to a variety of music, including Death Cab for Lupie, Wock Till You Drop and Franz Fuzinand. She dresses conservatively, mostly in skirts and blouses. She is never wears sweatshirts or jeans, unless she is outdoors.

As Sailor Scorchio

Colors: Copper and dark red
Transformation: "Scorchio Neo Power, Make Up!" Scorchio wings swirl in circles around her head like a red halo, then she appears as Sailor Scorchio.
Attack: "Scorchio Steam!" She first used the attack during a fire in the Neohome she shared with her friends. It can both melt ice attacks and cool down heat attacks.

On Scorchio Day only, she gets these attacks:
Scorchio Spark - A Scorchio Slingshot appears and Sailor Scorchio shoots balls of flame at the enemy.
Scorchio Flame - Ko-Kira blows into her hand and fire comes out.
Scorchio Flap - Scorchio wings grow from Ko-Kira's back and she flies over the enemy. Basically similar to Shoyru Hover.

The first time Ko-Kira transformed, she was on Sloth's ship, and her scales stuck up. But she got over her nervousness quickly; unable to think of an attack, she just pulled out her Rainbow Gun and started shooting up Sloth's ship. Hey, whatever works.

How to Write Ko-Kira: