Sailor Eyrie by Morgan
Bird Sin Gayle

Age: 15 (as of Y4)
Birthday: 10th of Celebrating
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Blood type: O
School: NCJH (7, 8, 9), NCH (10, 11, 12)

Likes: Bird listens to Americana, alternative, indie, and Celtic, Meridell based music. She prefers colder climates, warm teas, meaty foods, interior design, and dresses trendily to keep up with Allie's ideals. She enjoys the spicy foods of her heritage, as well as traditional Lost Desert dress and garb.
Dislikes: Bird avoids anything too sweet, the theatre, and home economics. She hates aquatic Neopets. Also, she has a phobia of large bodies of water and hates being anywhere that is too warm and too sunny for too long a time (ironic, since she descends from the Lost Desert)!
Hobbies: Collecting music or records, and snowboarding.

Appearance: Bird is of an average height, reigning at 5'2", and sports a comfortable weight of about 120 to 125 pounds, giving her a very healthy body mass index level. The mild fluctuation is due to her love of meats, but she tends to even this out with exercise from snowboarding. She has a razor cut bob hairstyle that has blonde highlights overlaying her natural brunette color. Her skin has a natural dark olive tan color to it, and she has noticeably rosy features. Bird has a heart shaped face, with very round cheeks, wide, brown eyes, and thin lips. She wears a light but apparent amount of makeup.

Family: Though Bird loves both her parents, she has a closer relationship with her father (Canaan). Her mother (Karma) is simply too quiet for Bird to respect as much, and she somewhat inwardly pities Karma for being insecure. Canaan, on the other hand, while a taciturn man, takes charge for the sake of his family and can get the point across with as few words as possible. Bird has a half brother (Dom Stollsteimer, Karma's son from an unfortunate past relationship) who is about twenty and lived in Neopia Central for some time. Bird moved with him there in the 8th grade. When she entered high school he moved out to the Haunted Woods. Dom visits his family occasionally, but is especially close to Bird. Sometimes they meet up for a weekend every month or so.
Pets: Nichlls (pronounced "nickels") is perhaps the friendliest Eyrie you’ll ever meet. His bubbly purple tint adds to his welcoming appearance. This warm little Eyrie is not the dangerously fierce sort and sometimes a coward. Bird will pamper him to no end.

History: Bird has an oddly normal, uneventful past, with the expected familial trials and glitches that don't seem to bother her too much. Her grandparents on her father's side are wealthy from years of making highly renown, made-to-order furniture. Their handcrafted pieces allowed them to amass a worthy fortune that Canaan adds to by working in the same trade. Bird's family lives on a ranch in the dunes of the Lost Desert just outside Sakhmet's walls, but she lives in the Neopia Central, preferring the milder climate and surroundings. She has lived there since 8th grade, when She and Allie have been friends since middle school, and is close friends with everyone in Allie's posse. Bird has a thin tie to Celeste Ohan, the stuck up civilian she rescued from Sloth's space station.

Personality: Bird, for the most part, is a very conservative thinker, and her substantial traits branch out from this central idea. She has a highly traditional mindset that constricts her view of Neopia in all aspects and causes her to judge more contemporary, progressively modern believers. At a distance Bird seems accepting and sweet. In all actuality, though sweet, patient, and humble, while people try to get to know her she can be a bit pushy and stubborn by trying to get them to conform to the way she thinks. This intolerance costs her a lot of prospective friendships. For the most part she is mellow, but posseses a sort of passive temper.
The one exception to this Allie, who Bird quickly caves under. Though Bird herself is highly intolerant, she has a security issue with those far more clever than herself, as she is not quick witted in arguments. Allie can easily out-debate her and get Bird to compromise her beliefs for Allie's own benefit. This ridiculously troubles Bird, who recently resolved to become stronger in these situations. Though Allie is manipulative, the two girls seem to have a fairly healthy relationship. Bird genuinely cares and loves her friend and sees through the fake front Allie puts up to hide her handful of problems. Part of her resolution to be more independent in the face of her friend is on account of Allie's hidden insecurity. In the long run, Bird hopes to get her to open up and help her recover or deal with her corrosive flaws.
Bird is ashamed of her two-facedness and personal troubles. She isn't incredibly book smart, nor a quick thinker, is naive, and mentally wobbles at how she has a hard time arguing the legitimacy of her beliefs. What she doesn't credit herself for is her vast amount of common sense and strong sense to uphold morality. She has no trouble with finances that come with living by herself and taking care of herself and pet. She's more well-off than the average teenage Neopian and suffers no notable, long term stress. She's relatively happy and her worries over her own personality are fleeting. Her prime concern is Allie, but it is quickly becoming apparent that her friend doesn't appreciate the gesture. Bird, being a little ignorant, doesn't realize this yet, and only works harder to make things work.
In the end, that's how she wants it: everything has to work, everything needs contentedness, everything needs a niche.

Sailor Eyrie

Transformation: Bird holds up her right arm and snaps her fingers, where in her transformation pen appears. She chants “Eyrie Neo Power, Make Up!” and strikes a pose. Blinding gold light centered around her collar bone area grows and then retracts to reveal her uniform and large wings.
Primary Color: Light Mule
Secondary Color: Denim blue

Eyrie Feather: Sailor Eyrie’s hands reach for the ground below her feet. A spiraling mass of glowing white feathers follow the path of her hands, which draw up over her head as her legs lock together. As the circle of feathers increase in speed, they join together to create tinkling golden spheres that hover over her fingertips. She thrusts her arms forward and the spheres are hurled at the adversary. The ethereal speed of the orbs combined with the equally inconceivably powerful wind as the air is pushed away from them makes for a huge force driving towards the enemy. The goal of the attack is to get the enemy off her feet or hurt as the wind pushes them back. The spheres circle back like a boomerang to Sailor Eyrie’s palms, where they dissipate in her fists.

Adaptations: A pair of denim blue wings sprout from her back in a cloud of glittering white dust during the transformation period. Not only are they such a dark shade of blue, but they have a perpetual layer of the white dust across the feathers. (Magic dust has a tendency to not disappear, no matter how much seems to shake off during disturbances.) Unlike Sailor Shoyru, who relies on her magically abilities to propel her wings, Sailor Eyrie musters her own strength to make herself airborne. Even short occurrences of using her wings strains her body and wastes a lot of personal energy. She avoids using them in battle.

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