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[Sailor Chia]

[Final Form]

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Meet Abbie (it's short for Abira) Anion, username abira88.  She's every popular snob you've ever met.  She's in the business of putting others down for her own gain. (Her last name even refers to an ion, a type of atom, "that has gained a charge by taking negative energy from another atom.")  Ultimately, though, her goal is power - whether it comes in the form of social status or anything else.

What a person to inherit the power of Sailor Chia.

Age: 14 as of Y3
Birthday: 7th Eating
Bloodtype: B
Likes: Chias, being in control, hairstyling, stylish clothing
Dislikes: School, losing, Leslie, most other people

Looks: Abbie's appearance can be hard to keep track of. Her natural hair color is light brown. It was orange-blonde when she was younger, and on her first appearance she has dyed it this color; it's shoulder-length. In one episode she gets a haircut (to chin-length) and an inadvertent dye job; the left half of her hair is turned purple. After taking an interest in hairstyling on her own (and taking a potion that got all of the dye out of her hair), she gave herself thermal curls in her natural color.

Despite these changes in her hair, the rest of Abbie's appearance remains constant. Her eyes are orange, large, and glittery. She has a small, sharp nose, thin lips, and a sharp pointed chin. She's very slender, with few curves; below average height, though not extremely small.

History: Abbie has always been the queen bee of the popular crowd, thanks to a strategy of cronyism and viciousness. She's been close with Allie (Sailor Uni) since kindergarten, and her favorite subject of torment is Leslie (Sailor Lupe). Her persecution of Leslie's Lupe-tail hair and jealousy of Allie's unchanging natural blonde led to her insistence on flawless dye jobs as she got older.

After Abbie's first transformation into Sailor Chia, she was immediately recruited to join the Chaos Faerie, with the promise of enhanced power and eventual control of Neopia. Now, though, she spends most of her time fighting with Dr. Sloth, who is technically her superior but gives her lots of free reign (at least, that's how he puts it).

In Abbie's constant conflicts with Sloth, each is careful not to push the other too far. Her recently added partner Sailor Jetsam is her equal in rank, so the two snipe at each other; however, Jetsam's apathy for anything but her own higher goal makes it hard for Abbie to get any substantial jabs in. Abbie's relationship with Leslie and associates, on the other hand, has graduated from ruthless bully to intelligent and formidable foe: she has not only her own finely-tuned wit and sharp tongue, but Chaos-Faerie-enhanced powers to match.

Powers: Sailor Chia's powers have been severely altered by her use of Chaos power. Her uniform, originally orange-auraed with purple trim, has switched auras to black. Her earrings have switched from the standard white Ns to black crescent-moon Cs.

Logically, a Sailor Neopet should not be able to just use Chaos power; the two are natural opposites, and should cancel each other out. Something else has been done to make Abbie's Sailor powers compatible with the Chaos ones.

Henshin: Chia Chaos Power, Make Up!
(originally, Chia Neo Power, Make Up!)

Chia Giggle
(Sailor Chia launches into a high-pitched laugh. As she laughs orange energy gathers around her hands, then focuses into a laser beam to hit her target. As powerful as an average Sailor Neopet attack.)
(2) Chia Chaos Ruin
(She holds up one hand, allowing black energy to gather around it. Storm clouds whirl around her, streaming into the energy; when she thrusts her hand forward, the attack soars towards her target, leaving damage and destruction in its wake.)

Other: Sailor Chia keeps in radio contact with Dr. Sloth, so she can be transported out of the way in an emergency (though his transport range is limited). She also has a cool magic sack, which looks like a normal brown burlap bag on the outside but is far larger on the inside. Unlike the sailors' standard hammerspace lockers, which hold only about a cubic foot, this device appears to have infinite capacity.

EvilChia888, Abbie's pet Chia, is a fearsome fighter with a nasty personality who occasionally accompanies her. He was a present to Abbie in second grade, and she takes care of him largely for the sake of Battledome prestiege. There's no loyalty between the two, and they argue as often as not.
Hobby: Bullying others
When meeting others Neopets, would: Attack if they are weaker
Color: Changes as often as Abbie's hair. He was originally yellow, but turned into a mutant when he and Abbie joined forces with Dr. Sloth; his current form is what was called a "chaos giant" in the days of NeoQuest.

How to Write Abbie: Remember that really nasty girl in middle school? The one who made you feel like an awkward, helpless idiot whenever you were around her? The one who got away with absolutely horrible behavior and was never brought under control by any adult? The one who spread vicious rumors, who laughed at everything you did, who always had an air of being better than you?

Abbie acts like that. Please don't write out your fantasies of revenge on that girl actually happening to Abbie. Instead, write in all the nasty things she did. That'll make her eventual defeat all the sweeter.