Sailor Bruce

Name: Jaimie Manchot
Name Meaning: I love penguins
Blood type: AB
Birthday: 5 Celebrating/December (Bruce Day)
Age: 16 in Y4
Star sign: Sagittarius

Eyes: Aqua blue
Hair: Auburn with natural blonde highlights, straight and just past her shoulders. She highlights it green and keeps it in a ponytail.
Body build: 5'8" and 118lbs, she's abnormally tall and abnormally thin, and looks gawky, but moves in an oddly graceful fashion.

Family: Her mother (Katalin), her father (Luc), her paternal grandmother (Jeanette) and her Bruce, JupiterShinozaki.
Jaimie is an outgoing emo/scene girl with quite a few friends. She's trusting and broadminded and likes to think the best of people. She is a vegetarian and while she likes Lupes, she REALLY wishes they wouldn't eat Chias for fun (and she hates owners who go Chia-hunting with their Lupes); slightly anarchistic and an opponent of the Neopian Police Guild. She also doesn't mind hanging out with kids younger than her, and is a role model and mentor to Maxima (Sailor Mynci) and Starlee (Sailor Gelert), who have started dressing "scene" lately to emulate their older friend.

Despite her beanpole appearance, Jaimie is quite physically coordinated, having been doing ballet since she was four. She goes to the same ballet school as Jean (Sailor Shoyru), who has dismissed her as unintelligent and generally useless, despite Jaimie's best efforts to be kind to her. In school, she's involved in track, skating, swimming and fencing, as well as an enthusiastic choir member.

She lives in Neopia Central with her mother, who is disabled with a chronic illness and is in and out of hospitals and her father, who is a workaholic lawyer. When neither of them are home, she generally stays (of her own free will) with her paternal grandmother, to whom she's very close. Her grandmother taught her to cook, and her specialty is adapting dishes to be vegetarian without sacrificing their taste.

Despite her widespread involvement in school activities, Jaimie is a procrastinator and not always dependable, not always being there for her friends when she should be. One could try to excuse her poor grades based on her "family situation", but it's really just lack of motivation and a disinterest in most school subjects. Her only goal is to pass the classes.

Strengths: Maraquan (the language), skating, track, fencing, ballet, cooking.
Weaknesses: Insects (but she refuses to kill them), sewing, meat, school (she's not really textbook-smart, and earns low grades).
Likes: Music, sports, Brucicles, singing, vegetarian food
Dislikes: Meat; sewing; bowling, golf and most team sports; teachers who can never pronounce her name (it's man-SHO, not MAN-chut . . . morons . . .)
Goal: She's still thinking about it.
School: NCJH (7, 8, 9), NCH (10, 11, 12)
Beneath her outgoing exterior, Jaimie does have a quiet side. She likes to take time to be by herself and recharge. She is also having trouble coming to terms with her mother's illness, which she knows has given Katalin less than three years to live, and is also genetic. When it comes to "fight" or "flight", she can fight over small things, but otherwise is definitely a fleer: She has also been known to completely withdraw from life when something goes wrong.

By Frejya She has chronically low self-esteem and tends to think things are her fault, or that people are using her; as a result, she can be subservient, overly sensitive and have trouble saying "no." This leads her into her somewhat annoying tendency to play the martyr and guilt trip people into doing what she wants. However, people more headstrong than herself are unaffected by this, and are in a position to easily take advantage of her good nature.

When in a talkative mood, Jaimie tends to offend, though it's usually by accident; she's a bit of a loudmouth, and her mind and mouth don't always have working brakes. She can also be cynical and pessimistic - again, the sick mom and workaholic dad don't help - but her moods have been known to drastically and rapidly change.
As Sailor Bruce
Aura: Electric cyan
Secondary: Blue
Henshin: She holds her pen in the air and yells "Bruce Neo Power, Make Up." When the pen disappears, she spreads her arms out, slides on to one knee, extends her leg forward and brings her arms over her head to touch the extended toes. Then she brings her arms back above her head and stands up in one fluid motion. As she stands, multicoloured music notes surround her and she is fully uniform'd. She does a pirouette and strikes her pose.
uniform alterations: On the right side of her collar, there is a large, fluffy Bruce-like bow.
Bruce Jive - She pirouettes, crosses her arms in front of her face, then spreads them apart and sends lots of multicoloured music notes at her enemy. This is a special Bruce energy that makes her attacker dizzy.

Books: Not Jaimie's favorite thing (especially not textbooks), but she prefers fiction. Recently, she's been reading existentialist books. She was assigned The Stranger by Albert Gnorbus in English, and was prepared to hate it as she hates most of school, but ended up loving it. So The Stranger is one of her new favorite books, and got her started in searching for other existentialist books at the library and Red Lenna's (a local anarchist bookstore). She also likes books by Lenna Goldman (the anarchist feminist for whom Red Lenna's was named).

Music: Jaimie likes a variety of music from all genres, and thinks she has good taste. She's a bit of a vinyl snob and likes to buy lots of records: she'll buy CDs, but if an album she likes is on vinyl, she'll have the record.

How To Write Jaimie
- She's good for getting people out of sticky situations that require flexibility, agility or strength.
- She and Jean do not get along (not that she doesn't try).
- She's very talkative and tends to be opinionated about music and fashion.
- She can usually be found at a record store with her friends, with her mother in the hospital, with her grandmother, or playing a sport.
- She tends to fight very offensively.
- She's a tad of an anarchist (research it: it's not just some "kewl punk rawk OMG!!11!!" trendy movement).
-She's a vegetarian and loves animals and Neopets. She doesn't eat meat or wear fur or leather or any other animal products.