Sailor JubJub

Name: Jody Miller
Birthday: 3 Storing (November)
Star sign: Scorpio
Age: Turns 16 in Y4 (3 months older than Leslie)
Blood type: B

Favorite Color: Green
Hobbies: Making clothes
Likes: Warm weather, fuzzy things, Jelly JubJubs
Dislikes: Cold weather, curfews, Sard Plants, Tyrannian food

Appearance: 5'4" and average build with a moderate amount of curves. Her hair is naturally medium brown but she crops it short, dyes it lime green and fluffs it out with hair gel to look like a JubJub. Her eyes are orange-brown.

Family: She lives with her mother, Bella, and four JubJubs. Her brother Kevin (Sailor Kiko) lives with their father, Kevin senior, in Faerieland, and they switch houses one weekend a month.

Her JubJubs

Ferrboll - Jody's first pet, gained when she was very young and on a trainee account; the same shade of green as her hair dye. He seems to have grown up with her, but regresses to childishness under stress.

Joogle123 - Adopted when Jody was thirteen, a red JubJub with a rough demeanor and a violent sense of humor. He can unnerve people who don't realize that he's joking.

Sun_drop_45 - Adopted when Jody was fourteen, the yellow Sun-Drop enjoys studying the fine arts and reading books. Her intelligence is at Brilliant, and she speaks elegantly.

Rain_drop_54 - Created when Sun-Drop was adopted (and named after her), Rain-Drop is a timid thing, always sticking by her sister. Blue, she likes to be out in the rain.


Spunky and somewhat rebellious, Jody is a take-charge type with an attitude. She hangs out with an alternative crowd that includes Jaimie (Sailor Bruce) and a few darker types -- plus Maxie (Sailor Mynci) and Starlee (Sailor Gelert), "the little tagalongs," as one not-so-nice friend of Jody's put it. Her mother doesn't really approve of Jody's friends (except for Jaimie, whom she terms a "nice girl"), but Jody has never been one to listen to her mother's advice and continues to associate with whomever she pleases.

She loves to make her own clothes, especially eye-catching and strange ones, like black outfits covered with lots of neon fuzz. Fuzz is a staple of almost every outfit she wears, and some of the younger students at NCHS have started to copy her look, wanting to seem "punk". She indulges them by complimenting them on their good taste, and is flattered that they would want to emulate her.

Although she's part of the "alternative kids," she's not opposed to friendship with those outside her crowd. Her friendship with Keiko Wilson (Sailor Acara) quickly blossomed after they met in a fashion class and discovered they both had similarly eccentric tastes, although Keiko was more shy about expressing it. She's also formed a bond with Maxie, whose crush on her little brother is, to her, extraordinarily cute.

Jody likes to bend the rules sometimes and will sometimes cut class or miss curfew, but she doesn't like to get in serious trouble. She's been known to stop speaking to friends who have gotten her into big messes or tried to, which has mostly saved her reputation in the eyes of the school administration and her other students.

She can be disrespectful and irreverent, as well as sarcastic, blunt and loudmouthed, but she's more of a thoughtless speaker than a cruel one -- she doesn't go out of her way to be mean and usually saves the attitude for people who cross her friends. However, when it comes right down to it, Jody can talk a lot of trash but not back it up. She relies on her friends to fight the real battles for her, as her physique is less than adequate to deal with physical fights. Sometimes her big mouth has gotten her into trouble when none of her friends are around to rescue her.

School isn't her favourite thing in the world, but she makes decent grades and is liked or at least not hated by most of her teachers. She's fond of the Twisted Roses and Sticks n' Stones, as well as Kobb, Wock 'til you Drop and H.E.R.

As a Sailor

Aura: Red-orange
Secondary: Yellow-orange

Sailor JubJub's uniform is slightly altered from the norm. Her gloves and boots are both rimmed with fuzz; the button on her bow is fuzzy, as is her choker. All of these are yellow-orange. She also has orange fuzzy sleeves.

Transformation: JubJub Neo Power, Make Up! Jody is surrounded by bits of fuzz, which cling to her figure and become her uniform.

Attack: JubJub Roll! The air around Sailor JubJub becomes saturated with fluff and fuzz, blurring her figure. Then she rolls the fuzz together into a JubJub-shaped ball, and rolls that towards the enemy, where it detonates on impact in an explosion of fuzz.

How to write Jody:

  • Jody says what she wants to, when she wants to. If you need someone to say something sarcastic or blunt, she's the one.
  • Although she's sarcastic, she's of average intelligence, so don't make her too witty.
  • She's been known to wear absolutely nutty stuff. Use your imagination.
  • If you need a "punk" sailor to make friends with someone at NCHS in their intro, Jody would be a good choice.
  • She's not very thoughtful -- no deep insights from her.