Sailor Kiko

Name: Kevin Miller, Jr.
Birthday: February 4
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Age: Turns 13 in Y4
Bloodtype: A

Favorite food: Chocolate kikos (except orange chocolate)
Kiko EncyclopediaFavorite book: Kiko Encyclopedia
Hobbies: Neggsweeper, Kiko Match, baseball
Dislikes: "Girly" pets (too cute and cuddly, like Usuls and Kacheeks); omelettes; being spied on
Likes: Halloween; geometry (in particular, perfect circles); logic; swimming

Appearance: Kevin is of average build (but growing fast), with large hands and very round blue eyes. His hair is dark blue, and he applies liberal amounts of gel to it to keep it flat and shiny - in part to distinguish himself from his sister.

Family and Friends
Kevin lives with his father, Kevin Sr., in Faerieland; his mother Bella lives with his sister Jody in Neopia Central. The parents don't like to see each other much, but Kevin and Jody switch houses one weekend a month.

Kevin is somewhat overwhelmed by his older sister Jody. She's only a year older than he is; but, being the oldest, she always got to do everything first - even being a Sailor Neopet (she's Sailor JubJub). Already naturally studious, Kevin delved into schoolwork (and, when he was younger, baseball) so that he could excel in an area that his creative, social, and exuberant sister hadn't already tested out.

As one of the smarter boys his age, Kevin bonded with Mat Simico (who's a year younger, but skipped a grade), and through him met his twin sister Maxima (Sailor Mynci). Along with new arrival Starlee (Sailor Gelert), they've formed an inseperable quartet when not at school. Kevin is weirded out by Maxima's somewhat obsessive crush on him, and will avoid being alone with her (not easy, as she likes to spy on him); but they're friends nevertheless.

The Pets
Max040506 the blue poogle: Created when Kevin's parents married, he belonged back then to their shared account (with the ironic username kev_n_bel_4ever). When they divorced, some bitter fighting over the account's contents ensued; they were fortunate in Max's case that he could make his own decisions. Disappointed with the behavior of both Kevin Sr. and Bella, Max surprised everyone by choosing to be adopted by 10-year-old Kevin. (Jody already had an account, which she'd quickly filled with four JubJubs.) So Kevin created an account, kev_miller, and became Max's official owner.

It should be fairly clear already that Max (who is equivalently a young adult) is more mature than most of the grown-ups in Kevin's life, and acts more as a parent than a pet. Like Kevin, he enjoys logical games and puzzles; in fact, he was the one who introduced Kevin to them. Max often ends up babysitting Buddy, a job he gripes about but faithfully does. He also owns a Halloween huggy named Roxanne.

RoxanneBuddy_Bl00 the blue kiko: Kevin adopted Buddy from the pound because of their similar looks (Buddy's skin is just the shade of Kevin's hair). He's equivalently much younger than Kevin and not as smart, but their tastes are surprisingly similar.

This similarity is partially because Buddy looks up to Kevin and often tries to imitate him. He's tried out for one of the spots in Kiko Match several times (although he keeps getting disqualified for trying to "help" the players), and played a lot of Neggsweeper despite never finishing a game. He would like a petpet (the Uniocto is his favorite), but Max says he's too young.

Kevin is usually described in comparison to Jody, so let's start there. He's less creative than his sister (art teachers: "Why can't you be more like Jody?"), but more athletic and more studious (all other teachers: "Why couldn't Jody have been more like you?"). He's less outgoing, but more level-headed; less able to take charge, but more relaxed and openminded; less focused, but more thoughtful; less independent, but better at following rules.

Despite his general calm and mature personality, Kevin remains an adolescent male. He's just warming up to the concept of girls (and he will never, never hang out with groups of older female Sailor Neopets). Unfortunately, he only has one real example of female interest, and that's Maxima - who's slightly obsessive about it. (And besides, she's Maxima. She's his friend. Geez.)

As a bright kid, Kevin has been bullied, though not in the way that many of the female characters have. He's just been beat up a few times. Fortunately for him, he's swift on his feet and has good hand-eye coordination; in a good game of sandlot baseball, he can prove his masculinity to dubious jocks.

The Healing SpringsSadly, Kevin's real love is not baseball . . . it's swimming. But he can hardly jump in a lake every time he gets pushed around. In fact, he rarely goes swimming at all; Faerieland's a great place for clouds, but not so much for pools. (The Healing Springs is strictly off-limits to recreational swimmers.) He's thought about joining a sports team when he gets to high school, but there aren't any swim teams, so his heart just isn't in it.

For this reason, Kevin frequents Kiko Lake whenever possible. Buddy is most relaxed and comfortable there, with multitudes of other kikos around; and Kevin himself finds that swimming there, when he can get it, is very refreshing.

Kevin's one great quirk, by the way, is his love for his favorite holiday. No, it's not Kiko Day; it's Halloween. This is the one place where his sister Jody really influenced him: her eccentric taste in clothing is overwhelming every other day of the year, but when she applies it to a Halloween costume, the results are spectacular. The best costume in the elementary school Halloween parade was always Jody's; but second best was Kevin's. Today he still loves the holiday: spooky music, devious tricks, visits to the Haunted Woods, the whole bit.

As a Sailor
Aura: Medium grey
Secondary: Navy blue

Transformation: Kiko Neo Power, Make Up!
A wave of water washes around his legs; the water level rises, rushing higher and higher. He takes a deep breath as it covers his head, then lets it out; the water dissolves into bubbles, which float away from the transformed Sailor Kiko.

The first time Kevin transformed, he was wearing the traditional sailor uniform - skirt and all. The first Sailor Kiko was female, and while most of the gender changes between generations were duly noted (see the original Sailor JubJub's male uniform), this one slipped through the cracks. After saving the day, Kevin went with Jody and Leslie to the Faerie Queen to get a new one; he was still the only male sailor, though, and rather uncomfortable with the fact. Two others (Sailor Flotsam and Sailor Techo) have surfaced since.

Attack: Kiko Stare!
Sailor Kiko glares at the enemy, eyes beginning to glow. Suddenly he opens them wide - wider and rounder than any natural human eyes (even Kevin's) - and twin grey-blue beams shoot from them like lasers. These can be held as a continuous beam for a moment or fired like gunshots (if he blinks ^_~).

These beams are cutting weapons (think about Cyclops from the X-Men), so Sailor Kiko has to be careful with them. Hold the attack long enough, and it could pierce all but the toughest steel doors in the Space Station. Look at a person while the attack's going, on the other hand, and he could slice her in half.

How to Write Kevin
  • He's a boy. Not a girl. This means he's not going to be overly emotional, nor going to talk about clothes or looks or relationships.
  • Whether it's playing a game, watching a game, going to the store, or just racing friends in circles, he's always doing something.
  • If it comes up, he can talk a lot about swimming. Rarely let him get in actual water.
  • He's often with Mat, sometimes Maxie and Starlee too. If he's alone, have him looking over his shoulder for Maxima.
  • Speaking of Maxie: Resist the urge to play up their romance! No blushing, no oh-so-cute uncomfortable semi-flirting. Hold back, dear writers.
  • He's sensitive to looking "girly". No chatting with Usuls, listening to M*YNCI, or hanging with only girls.
  • This means he doesn't attend sailor meetings. Jody will fill him in on the details.
  • Speaking of Jody, she doesn't really understand Kevin, and he's a little overwhelmed by her. No heart-to-heart conversations here.