Sailor Blumaroo by Morgan
Aviva Simantro

Age: 16 (as of Y4)
Birthday: 30th of Relaxing
Star Sign: Cancer
Blood type: B
School: NCJH (7, 8, 9), NCH (10, 11, 12)

Likes: Aviva likes jazz and soft rock music. She reads a lot of romance novels, and just books in general. She likes sweets, white lulus, the Deserted Fairground, and blended merryberry.
Dislikes: She dislikes math, most science studies, and art in school, and meaty, greasy foods. Her least favorite Neopet is the Mynci, and she hates pet pet pets even more (they give her the heebie-jeebies).
Hobbies: Archery and gymnastics.

Aviva doll by MorganAppearance: Aviva is of average height and well toned from her immersion in activity. Her proportions are a bit odd, as she uses most of her upper body in gymnastics and compound bows in archery, so her lower half is less muscular. She has burgundy hair that is shoulder blade length, with choppy bangs parted at the side to frame her square shaped face. Her eyes are blue, she has undefined cheeks, and her lips are plump but small, as though always pursed. Her taste in clothes is laid back and classic, but she opts for quirky hats to compliment her hair. She's indifferent to style and basically wears "whatever fits".

Family: Aviva is the daughter of Paloma Simantro, a widely renown monetary and royal advisor respected as a political genius and one of the most creatively intelligent informants of her kind. Paloma is rather negligent of her daughter, seeing as she has no time for her. Aviva's father Kirk Endicott was the Faerieland ambassador to Terror Mountain. Him and Paloma were never married and their relationship was a fling of a few months, but his involvement with her drove him into hiding from threats by those who disfavored Paloma's influence over politics. Aviva has never met her father and legally holds her mother's surname as her own. Growing up, the hired nanny Columba Danz took care of Aviva while Paloma worked and made them travel with her.
Pets: Aviva has two pets that she takes care off. The youngest one is a little green Blumaroo (RebellionCharge) who can't talk but is obviously discontent by his constant crying. The other one is a white Aisha (Ieccail), who is quiet and meanders around at her own pleasure, doing whatever strikes her fancy.

Columba, Aviva's guardianHistory: Aviva's last home was the royal house of the Maraquans, where her mother worked as an exclusive advisor to the Koi king. When the Maraquan empire came to what seemed like the end, Paloma transported Aviva, with Columba, by a civilian submarine bus to live on the surface in what she assumes to be efforts to save her. At their parting Aviva took a bag of familial memoirs and heirlooms, including their only photo album, several thousand neopionts, love letters between Paloma and Kirk, and her grandmother's Mist of Evian - the Khalida Mist. At the time, she was oblivious to the power behind the mist, choosing only to take it out of curiosity and admiration for the way the potion swirled inside. When the civilian bus reached the surface, Columba and Aviva immediately set out to establish a modest house for themselves. Aviva created two pets and now lives with Columba. They are unaware of Paloma's whereabouts now, but assume such news is bound to surface with time...

Personality: Aviva has developed an outward maternal personality to overshadow her number of insecurities. To others she is always the figure shunning everyone for goofing off, being too loud, and drawing too much attention to themselves. Besides being reprimanding, she is a good listener and wants to fix everyone's problems, even if they didn't ask for her advice. This annoys most people, but it comes in handy for someone who just wants to rant to anyone who will pay attention. Aviva herself is an average talker; however, she rarely discusses her own problems or worries with anyone but Columba. She feels there are few appropriate places to talk about herself and would feel selfish if she simply rambled about what bothers her.
Aviva has a few traits that hinder her, like how she's rather uptight, her nagging, overprotective tendencies, and bouts of stress. Easily panicked, Aviva's inability to relax and cope with stress can often escalate into different sorts of breakdowns. Columba is helping her push through these things though, and she's becoming more aware of what hinders her and how to deal with them. Where her own advice fails her, she follows others' examples and tries to take stress one step at a time. She attempts to be as realistic as possible, and it truly helps her in the long run. This, in turn, is helping her deal with her tenseness, and also allows her to realize when she's being too much of a nagger and when she simply needs to chill out.
Aviva, being such an avid listener and having such a desire to help straighten up others, makes a great acquaintance. She doesn't have too many close friends but plenty of regular faces in her life. When she became a Sailor Neopet she started socializing more, and took interest to knowing Miles Tailor when she came into the group. Other people she talks to more often than others include the Bay twins, Tammy Dylan, and Jaimie Manchot. Aviva used to talk to Leslie a lot when they went to NCJH, but since Leslie left for Inigmah, they usually only meet during collective sailor meetings.
Some other facets of herself include a sharp sense of humor, based more on clever puns and knowledge than just silliness. She's an analytical thinker who can see the depth in a lot of more philosophical subjects, but is poor at putting in numbers and studying the process of things, like math and physical sciences or chemistry. (However, she likes biology, having to deal less with arithmetic.) Despite being good with theory, philosophy, and psychology, Aviva is not artistically creative. She prefers unconventional sports over any artistic medium.

Sailor Blumaroo

Transformation: Aviva chants “Blumaroo Neo Power, Make-Up!” and holds her hands in front of her. The henshin pen appears in her fist and she swings it into an arch perpendicular to her body. She is showered in white lulus that wrap ribbons around her. The ribbons tighten and fall away to reveal her uniform.
Primary Color: Muted Chartreuse
Secondary Color: Light Orange

Blumaroo Ball: Aviva’s palms spread forming a semitransparent green ball. When she thrusts her hands forward, the ball releases and bounces haphazardly. The sphere mimics the movements of her hands and can quickly ricochet off obstacles.

Adaptations: Aviva is the bearer of the Khalida Mist - an ancient relic of Evian that grants the owner a small control over time. Her current known power from the never ending potion is the Khalida Time Warp, which reverses or stops time for a few crucial moments (in the immediate area only, if used by an amateur). The potency of the mist depends on the handling knowledge from the user.

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