The Sailor Neopets RPG

SNRPG: Series 1

Short stories resulting from the SN's regular (if not frequent) challenge. They range from the very brief to the somewhat long, from the silly to the serious to the sad, from the era of the original Sailor Neopets to the near future of the present ones. What they have in common: they're all interesting.

Sprites are adapted from those found at Lycentia's SM Graphics.

Challenge 1Challenge 1 (Spring 2006): Write up some backstory for a sailor grandparent. Can be during the original Sailor Neopet battle or recent enough that your sailor makes an appearance.

Original Sailor Scorchio backstory, by Nicole - The ailing Sailor Scorchio chooses who to entrust with the gift she must pass on. From her POV.
Original Sailor Chia backstory, by Erin - A comic tale centered on a quest for cookies, with cameos by Cristina (Sailor Kyrii) and Jackie (Sailor Lupe).
Buzz (Fleye): Studying, by Erin - Sailor Fleye was born odd, lived odd, and died odd, leaving a legacy of even odder experiments.
Original Sailor Blumaroo backstory, by Morgan - Sailor Blumaroo's daughter only drops in when she needs something. Here, she shows up pregnant.
Original Sailor Kyrii backstory, by Rosa Maria - Cristina's family didn't believe in women doing business. Too bad she was a natural at it - and not good at understanding feelings.

Challenge 2Challenge 2 (Summer 2006): Write about a sailor's dream vacation! The one catch: you can't use Mystery Island.

Blumaroo: An Altadorian Morning, by Morgan - Aviva enjoys a leisurely moment on vacation in the newly discovered Altador.
JubJub: The End, by Brianna - It's Jody's last summer of freedom, and she and Jaimie plan to take the perfect getaway, just as soon as they come up with it.
Lupe: Botany Students' Day Out, by Erin - Leslie's surprised when she gets invited on a trip with the other botany students - and even more surprised when she enjoys it.
Sailor Eyrie vacation, by Morgan - A lot of your memories can be triggered by familiar smells alone.
Korbat: Out of the Storm, by Brianna - Briana is determined to have a good time on vacation, and her pets are coming, storm or no storm.
Sailor Kyrii vacation, by Rosa Maria - Clara's glad to be through with school so she can focus on her shop - and splurge on the occasional haircut.

Challenge 3 (Fall 2006): Love 'em, hate 'em, obey them or disobey them, your mother and father (or other parental guardian figures) shape your personality more than anyone else ever will. In that vein, write a story about the relationship between your character and his or her parents or most important guardian figures.

Lupe: And Two Spoons, by Erin - A story of young Leslie and her adoptive mother Cheryl.