The Sailor Neopets RPG

SNRPG: Challenges

Challenge 2:
Out of the Storm

Pink flip-flops -- check. Cherry lipgloss -- check. Towel -- check. Bikini -- where'd the bottom go? Oh, there it is. Angel, what are you doing with that thing? Put it down! Of course I'm taking a toothbrush, Giggle -- it's right -- oh. Thanks. Factor 15 Sun Tan Lotion? Ah -- found it. I don't need a sun hat! Oh, fine. But at least get one that looks halfway normal.

What? Oh, the clouds aren't that bad. It's not gonna rain, I swear to Donna. Anyway, hurry up. We only have a half hour to get to the boat and you know how your wings get tired.

Holly! We're gonna be late!

Get over here! Give that back to her! Do you all have your suits and towels? Don't lose 'em 'cause I'm not gonna keep track.

Look at the time. Only twenty minutes left! I swear to Donna. Giggle, can you carry Angel for me? Well sorree. I have a lot of stuff to carry too. Come on guys, faster! What do you mean, wind? It's just a little breeze! Oh -- what's that? A Neomail?! Ew, what horrible timing.

It's from . . . Keiko?! Oh no! I hope she's not waiting for me . . . what?! Guys, she says she's not going -- there's some kind of weather watch or something -- that wimp! Never mind her. I still have you guys, and I'm not going to let her, some clouds or anything else spoil this vacation. Let's go.

I don't feel any rain. Shut up.

I swear to Donna, look at the crowd! If we don't get moving they'll leave us behind. Do you see the boat? Phew, we're just in time. What's going on? Hello, can anyone tell me why this line isn't -- augh! What was that?! It couldn't be thunder. It's a beautiful day! You guys are just --

Oh, dung.

Well don't look at me. It's not my fault; I don't control the weather. Go whine at Donna, or the Faerie Queen! I'm sure the boat will have a lower deck where we can get out of it. Did you bring the beach umbrella? Why not?! I did not tell you not to! Now my hair's going to get all soaked!

WHAT?! They can't cancel the boat! It's just a little shower. It's nowhere near a storm. It's -- okay, whatever. This stinks! I hate my life. Let's go get pizza.

What do you guys want? I can't afford that, Holly. Come on. Okay, fine. Hi. Gimme four slices of pepperolive -- who's he? What? Oh, yeah. Okay. Go find a place to sit, guys. I'll be right with ya.

Heyyy. How you doin'? I'm Briana. You? Ooh, Marc? That's really cool. Yeah, they're sitting over there -- we're waiting for our pizza. What did you order? That's my favourite too! Hey, is that gelert yours? Oh -- wow, I love Island pets. Mystery Island is my favourite place ever, I swear to Donna. That's such a creative name! You must be an artist. What school do you go to -- really?! Just a sec, I think my shoyru's calling me.

Guys -- is he hot or is he hot?! I know! And he's gotta be at least eighteen -- I swear to Donna, what a catch! I think he really likes me, too. Wish me luck!

Do you want to come sit with us? Great -- just drag over some chairs. Ooh, our pizza's ready -- thanks! This is Holly, Angel and Giggle -- guys, this is Marc and Jonezetta. Yeah, we got caught in the storm. We were going to go out to the island, but our boat got cancelled . . . but I guess everything happens for a reason, right?