The Sailor Neopets RPG

SNRPG: Challenges

Challenge 1:
Sailor Kyrii

“Hey! Step away from him and find someone else to bother.”

“Mind your own business midget! It’s up to the men to control the troublesome workers.” Cristina took a deep breath. She hated when her cousin acted like a snob just because he was the oldest boy and therefore would be the head of the family one day. He had always treated her badly for being a girl and now he was teasing the son of the new workers. Well she wasn’t going to allow that. She looked at him directly in the eyes and punched him with all her strength, making him fall to the ground, then extended her hand to the other boy to help him get up.

“I’m Cristina, nice to meet you. Please don’t think that everybody around here is a stupid as my cousin. What’s your name?”

“Thank you, I’m Andrew.”

“Ok, so tell me again , why you are going to the capital?”

“Because: One, the farm is heading for disaster, and cannot be saved, Two, even if it had some opportunity of becoming productive again my cousins won't let me have any part of it. So, three, going to Neopian Central is the perfect way to gain my independence.”

“But Cristina, you can’t go alone. It’s not proper for a girl to wander around by herself. And anyway, where are you going to stay? How are you going to feed your pets? How are you going to feed yourself? Have you even considered any of these things?”

“Calm down, Andrew. I have already talked to a friend in Central, who said she have no problem with me staying with her until I settle down. And as for the money, I have been saving for quite a while. If I use it correctly it will last a couple of months. And about wandering alone, it won't happen, as you will come with me too. Don’t at me like that! Didn't we always talk about running away from this place?”

Andrew looked at Cristina's eyes; they were full of enthusiasm. All through the time they had known each other she had been the one in charge, the one to decide what to do, the one who could take control of any situation, and the one Andrew had always wanted to protect but never had the chance. So it wasn’t very surprising when he answered he answered, “OK.”

“So . . . What do you think of it?”

“Oh Andrew, it’s beautiful! It’s exactly as I imagined it would be. I knew using our savings to build this shop would be a great idea.”

“I’m glad you like it. There are details we need to figure out before opening. I wanted your opinion on them. But first . . . erm . . . Cristina . . .” Andrew looked at the other side of the room for inspiration. His spotted techo, Patinon, made him a sign to speed up. “There's this . . . thing . . . I've been wanting to tell you . . .”

Out of desperation for his owner, Andrew's blue zafara _Filineo_ used her tail to make Cristina trip. Andrew snapped out of his mumbling just in time to catch her. While still holding her he started again, “I . . .”

“Cristina, hurry up! Jackie needs you! --Oh, hello Andrew. Am I interrupting anything?”

Cristina quickly snapped out of Andrew's arms. “Don’t worry about it Kronos, could you tell me later? I really must go now. See you at dinner. Remind Silvana it’s her turn to cook”

“Sure . . . See you at dinner.”

“You know Cristina, I’m not buying any of this. I mean do you honestly expect me to believe that your aunt is sick and and you must go visit her? As if in all the past years you have shown a single indication of worrying about your family!”

“But . . .”

“And that bag! The amount of canned food you are carrying could feed a family for a week. And you aren’t the only. Several of your friends seem to suddenly take an unusual amount of interest in pre-made soup and beans. Etta Spicer came just an hour a go to see if could make her a deal on the most insane amount of cookies I have ever seen anybody buy”

“Ok, I’m not going to my cousin’s. Me and some of the girls decide to make a camping trip. I didn't want to tell you because it is supposed to be girls-only thing.”

“Really, then how do you explain that Bonnie Colger and Pamela Trelight were talking about they would have to pas the next days with Desiderio? And that Nicolas Gerace suddenly decided to buy a huge first aid kid, the kind that explores take when they are taking on leaving for months and months to the most dangerous place! And why aren’t you bringing your pets? It will be the first time you go away from them for so long. And is it’s only a camping trip then what happened with “I’m not sure when I will come back exactly” that you were saying a minute ago? And the bills, why the sudden urge to have all the papers in order?”

“Well Andrew, you aren’t the best with paperwork, and you are always lending money Just look at Etta! She already owes us already owns as 5486 neopoints and you gave her a discount. So I thought . . .”

“That’s not the point. The point is there is some thing important you haven’t told me! And I have the impression you have been hiding it for a while. Don’t you trust me? After all this time, not even a little?”

“Believe me if I tell you that I’ve been wanting to let you know for a long time. But it’s for your own safety that I haven’t told you.” Cristina held Andrew's hand and stared right into his eyes. “Please trust me.”

“All right. But promise me that you won’t take risks and that you will come back?”

“I can’t,” Cristina whispered as if it was taking a huge amount of strength to say it.

“Them, at least promise me this: That after you return, you you will marry me." Cristina let go of Andrew's hands, and he sighed.. “I understand. I’m sorry. I don’t know what got into me.” Andrew looked away from Cristina but she immediately hugged him.

“I have been waiting for years for you to say that!” And they kissed.

“Terror Mountain!! What do you want to do there? We already have a well-established business here.”

“But the marked is so crowded! It’s almost impossible to advertise without spending a fortune, or to sell something without lowering the prices to the ground. I want a new challenge! We could start from zero again. But, as we have more neopoints now, we could build a bigger shop! It would be huge and have all sorts of areas and a huge deposit and--”

“And what about the wedding?”

“The wedding?”

“Yes, the wedding. When are we going to have it? If you are going to be busy building this new shop, then when are we going to sit down to plan it? We haven’t even agreed on a date.”

“Well, I was thinking of postponing it for a time. You know, I don’t have the time right now for that type of organization. Maybe next year when the new shop is done, but that will depend on how it will go. Weddings are expensive and I don’t want to spend that much money when we are not financially established.”

“You know what, forget it; forget it all; forget the wedding; you can even forget me. I don’t care! I been waiting for too long to believe that you still love me. Or that you were ever in love with me, not just using me or just pitying me. But don’t worry; I won’t bother you again. Patinon, Fili, we are leaving!”

“Andrew - wait! I . . .”

“Goodbye, Cristina. And by the way, happy 10nth anniversary of getting engaged.”

“Cristina, why don’t you follow him? Cristina?”


“Oh, Clara? You were talking to me?”

“Yep. I was asking, why didn't you marry? Didn’t you find that special person? ‘Cause mommy says that you can’t marry if you don’t find your special person.”

“I thought I had found the right person. And I was devastated when I realized I had lost him. But after a while, I realized one thing. I never told him my biggest secret.”

“Does your secret have to do with the pretty bottle you showed me the other day?”

“Exactly. Even when years had passed and it was safe for me to tell him, I never did. And after some time, I realized that the reason why I didn’t was even after I had passed so much time whith him, and we had done and shared so much that, I didn’t love him as a husband or as a boyfriend. Definitely as something more than a friend, maybe as a brother. I can’t really place what I feel for him but it wasn’t that sort of love. The love that you feel for that special person. We probably just got our feelings mixed up. Does any of this make any sense to you?”

“Not a single word.”

“My thoughts exactly.”