Bending Over Backwards: Sailor Techo


Anton Rheinhold Sr. (father, 43):The ambitious and ruthless co-owner of the Schwartz Insurance Company. He's not afraid to make enemies, and he won't hesitate to slit a few throats (figuratively speaking) to get ahead in the world. Though he's a highly successful businessman, he is also a workaholic who neglects his family. He's not abusive torward his wife and son, he's just never around. He doesn't even realize what he's putting them through.

Clair Rheinhold (mother, 39):A softspoken and serious woman. Besides being a dedicated wife and homemaker, she is an expert taiko drummer. Though she seems more demure, she can be just as vicious as her husband when it comes to making sure her family gets the best of everything. A bit obsessed with success, she puts a lot of pressure on Anton to do well in school. She is unquestioningly supportive of Anton Sr., but she has begun to wonder if he truly loves her.

Antonius Rheinhold (grandfather, deceased):Though Anton never knew his grandfather, his father tells him that he was strong, proud, and noble, everything a man of their family should aspire to be. Anton grew up listening to such stories, and to him Antonius has come to represent both the glory of his ultimate goal and the heavy weight of responsibility. Recently, Anton has secretly begun to resent his grandfather. He sees Antonius as the cause of all the pressure on him and the embodiment of the company that has taken all his father's attention away from his family.

Richard Schwartz (family friend, 40):Not really a family member, but he's around so often that he seems like one. The founder and co-owner of Schwartz Insurance along with Anton's father, he is much like his partner in the office, but unlike Anton he knows how to leave his work at work. At home, he's carefree and fun-loving. He, Clair, and Anton Sr. were friends since childhood. Richard is secretly in love with Clair, but doesn't say anything out of respect for his friend. It pains him to see Anton treating his wife so badly, and though he remains friendly on the surface, Richard is slowly forming a grudge torward him.


Juno Hana (Red Techo): JunoHana, or Juno as she likes to be called, is feisty and upbeat. Loyal, outgoing, and earnest, she's not one for high society, but she's well liked for her friendly nature. Anton acts annoyed with her but they're a lot closer than he'll admit. Juno acts as Anton's self-appointed conscience, and has made it her goal in life to find him some real friends. So when the Sailor Neopets show up, Juno capitalizes on the opportunity. She encourages him to hang out with them, hoping Anton will find someone to open up to. Unlike most Techos, Juno is very clumsy: she couldn't do a backflip to save her life. She has a habit of giving Anton unwanted nicknames, like "Ants" or "Tony."

Rahiliim (Yellow Zafara): Rahliim is as picky and stubborn as Anton is, but he's a little more open about his insecurities. An admitted worrywart, he's the voice of reason for both Anton and Juno. He's much more compassionate than his owner and often scolds Anton when Anton is picking on someone.

Friends, Rivals, and Classmates

Zelda Bay/Sailor Zafara: So far, Anton and Zelda are not exactly on friendly terms. Anton is jealous that Zelda is naturally smart while he has to work and strive to get grades even close to hers. He's used to being the best, so when she beats him on tests he does not take it well. He teases her mercilessly every chance he gets.

Allie Rider/Sailor Uni: As a fellow "popular" student, Anton often finds himself allied with Gami, but they're far from friends. Anton just acts friendly torward her and her clique to springboard his way into the high-class social scene. In fact, Anton sees Gami as his rival for the title of Most Popular. And just like with Zelda, he won't stand for anyone besting him...

Melony/SailorMoehog: Anton has only met Melony briefly when she stopped him from picking on Zelda. Needless to say, they're not exactly on friendly terms. Anton is actually a little scared of Melony, but he's not about to admit it.

So far, I've just listed the other characters Anton has met in the episode I'm writing. If he appears in other episodes I'll update it!

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