Bending Over Backwards: Sailor Techo

Senshi Powers

Transformation: "Techo Neo Power, Make Up!" (Anton is annoyed that he has to say "make up," because cosmetics are girly.)
Anton pulls his pen out, holding it delicately between two fingers, and shouts "Techo Neo Power!" He brings his arm across his face dramatically and flings his pen dart-style. With a sudden burst of super speed he leaps into the air, turns a double flip, and lands in front of the pen he has just thrown. (Just pretend it's possible. *wink*) It hits him in the back, and with a brilliant flash his clothes break into pale gold ribbons. He shouts "Make Up!" and they re-form into his soldier uniform.

Aura: Platinum
Secondary: Cranberry

Uniform: Sailor Techo wears a clean, well-ironed white shirt with long sleeves and a shining platinum sailor collar. His sleeves are straight and loose. At the edge of each is a stripe of deep red fabric. The collar is trimmed with a cranberry stripe, and underneath that is a shining platinum-colored silk scarf (made with real gold and silver threads, as he'll be quick to tell you.) The scarf is held in front with a golden square clasp. He wears platinum dress pants that are trimmed with stripes like the ones on his sleeves. At his waist is a tan belt with a golden "N" buckle. Unlike the other male soldiers, Techo has gloves: plain white ones that reach just to his wrists. He has one ear pierced, and he wears a small white "N" stud earring. On his feet he wears cranberry socks and pale gold boots with dark red laces.

Henshin pen: Anton's pen is made of solid platinum. It is topped with a pale gold oval-shaped "N" symbol outlined against a cranberry background. Under that is a dark red ring flanked by a pair of white wings. At the bottom of the handle is another ring of cranberry.

Attack: Techo Glare
Sailor Techo runs a hand over his face, touseling his wild blond hair, then looks down his nose and glares darkly at his opponent. His eyes glint, and whoever meets his gaze will be paralyzed for several minutes. The downside of this attack is that it's quite easily avoided by simply looking away. On the plus side, Anton is so used to glaring at people anyway that he's a natural at this technique.

In Depth