The Sailor Neopets RPG

Welcome to the SNRPG, the only fanfiction that crosses over Sailor Moon with Neopets!

The original Sailor Senshi, of course, derive their names and powers from a fixed set: the planets in the solar system. Fanfic writers love to take other similar sets, like the signs of the zodiac or the constellations, and turn them into teams of sailors.

And no less well-defined is the set of forty-odd pets on With so many of them to make sailors from, though, it was obvious that more than one person had to get involved - and thus a guild was formed.

A sacred chalice, a faerie war brewing, pretty soldiers in sailor suits, trickery and treachery, the traditional Lupe/Chia rivalry turned on its head, swords drawn and friends made: this is the Sailor NeoPets, the most incredible team of otaku senshi ever written. But don't just take my word for it. Go read the story!

The Sailor Neopets story is currently undergoing a radical reorganization, called CRISIS ON INFINITE NEOPIAS (or CoIN for short). To hear the whole story, check out the CoIN FAQ. Note that anything not labeled "Post-CoIN" is probably going to be changed. (Currently we're in the second phase - story revision - but even some of the characters are still subject to C&C.) If you have further questions, ask on the guild board.