Senshi Powers

Transformation: "Ruki Neo Power, Make Up!"
She holds the pen up in the air and shouts this phrase. Her clothes disappear and her body glows a shimmering brown. A desert wind whips up around her as she starts to twirl. She swings her pen across her body, and red-orange ribbons grow from it. They stick to her and form her bodysuit and chest protector. She shakes her hips playfully and her skirt puffs out. Next she pushes her hands forward, palms flat out in front of her, and her gloves form. Then she stamps her feet, and her boots appear. She tosses her head and her antennae pop out. Finally she winks as her earrings and tiara form, then poses, ready for action.

Aura Color: Caramel
Secondary Color: Bright Red-Orange

uniform: Sailor Ruki has a white bodysuit with a caramel-colored skirt and bows. The edge of her skirt is bright red-orange, and the same color runs along the edges of the bows. She has a light brown sailor collar with red-orange trim at the edges. Her collar is unique in that it has a red-orange speckled design on the back, which looks like the spots on a Ruki's head. On her shoulders are white cloth protectors with a leaflike transparent flap. She wears elbow-length white gloves trimmed with three bands of red-orange fabric. Her boots are brown leather, knee length with no heels or laces. At the top they are cut in a v-shape and are trimmed a ring of brown. They also have a curved red-orange stripe that runs from the side down and around the back of her heel. She wears the customary white "N" earrings, a light brown ribbon choker, a gold tiara with a caramel gem, and a circular red-orange brooch. Sailor Ruki also has two brown antennae on her head.

Items: Henshin pen-- A caramel pen with red-orange highlights. It has the traditional "N" logo on top in brown against a red-orange background. Underneath are two small cream-colored wings. Besides being her transformation item, Ilaria's pen functions as a normal pen, and she often uses it to write notes.

Haqiiqa Mist--Sailor Ruki is the keeper of the Haqiiqa Mist of Evian, which has the power of True Sight (Haqiiqa means truth in Dardja). Whoever drinks it is able to see things in their true forms, i.e. seeing through an enemy's disguise or detecting something invisible. It also changes the user's uniform, causing the fabric to become translucent. (The leotard portion, however, is left intact for decency's sake.) When Sailor Ruki drinks it she gains a new attack, "Haqiiqa Mirage Revelation."

Attacks: Ruki Pinch!-- A light-based attack. Sailor Ruki glows with a golden-brown light as she chants "Ruki..." A deafening sound fills the air as she charges at her enemy at lightning speed, streams of light and wind trailing behind her. Suddenly she stops short, reaches out, and pinches her opponent as she says "Pinch!" A teeny tiny little spark of light comes from her fingers and zaps the enemy with about the force of a weak static shock. Yup, that's it. Sailor Ruki's attack is completely useless in battle. As one might guess, she rarely uses it. Her main contribution to the team comes from her Mist of Evian.

Haqiiqa Mirage Revelation--Sailor Haqiiqa Ruki claps her hands together and shouts "Haqiiqa!" Dark clouds rumble overhead, gathering in a spiral above Ruki. (This happens even indoors, oddly enough.) Her antennae twitch as she chants "Mirage Revelation!" On the last syllable, four lightning bolts strike at four points on the battlefield, tracing out the corners of a square. Haqiiqa Ruki parts her hands suddenly, flinging her arms out to her sides, and a wall of light shoots up from the ground to fill the square, dispelling any illusions within. Although Ruki is usually the one to perform this maneuver, anyone who drinks the Haqiiqa Mist can use it.
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