Name: Ilaria Friskin
Nickname: Lari, but she'll only let her family call her that
Birthday/Zodiac sign: 20th of Celebrating. This makes her a Saggitarius.
Blood Type: B
Age: 15
School: Neopian Secondary School
Favorite Food: Hot Borovan
Hated Food: Ummagine
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Subject: Chemistry
Worst Subject: Civics, Art

Likes: Being outside, running and especially playing tag-like games, having everyone agree with her, chess, facing a "worthy" opponent, big explosions
Dislikes: Waiting in line, writing essays, reading (unless it's something that's immediately useful, like a cookbook), fishing, modern art, symbolism, Mystery Island (she says it's too hot, but the truth is that to her it represents her mother's death and her father's "betrayal.")
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