Ilaria is extremely opinionated and blunt. She says whatever is on her mind with no shame and no regard for others' feelings. It's not that she purposely means to insult anyone; she just thinks that if something is true, there's no reason she shouldn't say it. She can be very arrogant and harsh when someone disagrees with her. But she doesn't have a bad temper, nor is she hypersensitive. She's too confident for that. Her opinions are not open for debate, and she feels the need to "correct" anyone who disagrees with her. She won't be angry, she will just tell the person in no uncertain terms that he or she is mistaken and needs to rethink the situation. But the thought that she might be the one in the wrong never even crosses her mind. She seems very stubborn, and to some extent she is. As long as she feels she has any grounds for argument she won't budge. But as opinionated and narrow-minded as she seems, when she is clearly proven wrong on an issue she will admit it and change her ways. And ironically, the next day she'll probably be taking up arms for the opposite side, and she'll be just as inflexible and argumentative as before. In her mind it's better to be a hypocrite with the right answer than to earnestly stick to a mistake because it's something you believe in.

Ilaria is a truth seeker by nature, but she takes it to the extreme and feels she must know everything. She wants to be in perfect harmony with "the truth" so badly that she'll do anything, but her stubborn sense of fairness keeps her from bending the rules to suit her values. Something's gotta give, and the only thing left is her own integrity. And so Ilaria, for all her preaching and lecturing and bossing others around, has very little that she truly believes in. She's too young and too sheltered to base her values on her own experience, so she forms her opinions from hearsay, and then pretends to know what she's talking about. Because of this, she sounds arrogant at best, like a parrot at worst.

Ilaria loves a little friendly competition, be it sports or party games, as long as that competition is fair and organized. She can be a bit obsessive about rules, though. She doesn't approve of senseless violence, nor does she understand the idea of "casual play." She is the sort who whips out the rule book every couple seconds even if she's playing against a group of five-year-olds. This preoccupation with fairness is largely because she feels that if she doesn't win playing by the rules, it's not a win at all. Nothing can be "just for fun," it's always a test of skill. And that mentality carried over to her outlook on life: anything worth doing is worth doing right, and anything without a purpose isn't worth doing. (The sole exception to this rule is very large explosions, which Ilaria feels are purpose enough in themselves.) That being said, she certainly doesn't mind having fun, as long as there's a "point" to the game.

As competitive as she is, Ilaria actually doesn't mind losing to a worthy opponent. She's a good sport when she's beaten fair and square, and she understands that she can learn a lot more from failure than from success. And she does. She is remarkably resilliant, and knows how to turn disappointments into new opportunities.

Ilaria is not normally a very emotional person. She has a no-frills outlook on life, preferring to acheive her goals in the most efficient manner and move on to the next objective. Bribes, threats, or heartfelt pleas rarely sway her. This is probably a good thing, as on the rare occasions she is emotional she tends to be stubborn, irrational, and generally immature. She does have a jealous streak, but she recognizes this flaw and (usually) does her best to curb it.

Ilaria doesn't exactly have an eye for detail, and subtlety escapes her entirely. It's not surprising that art and writing are not her forte. And yet she has a way of digging straight to the heart of an issue. In that way Ilaria is both keenly observant and incredibly dense. She has tunnel vision; she sees the forest, not the trees (and the little squirrels living in them had better get out of her way when she levels the area.) Unfortunately for those who oppose her, Ilaria has the tenacity of your average steamroller, so she tends to get her way in the end... even if she has to step on a few toes. Ilaria has come to the conclusion that she doesn't need real friends, only allies. Though she's gotten along well enough so far, in the end that kind of thinking may cost her.

In summary, she's opinionated, honest, level-headed, a truth seeker, logical, mostly objective, ambitious, persistant, and a little spoiled.
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