Jesse Friskin (father, 43)-- Very athletic and health-conscious. Ilaria picked up her love of the outdoors from him. He's very honest, and has taught his children to be the same. In his younger days he was a pro cricket player in one of Neopia's minor leagues. Now he has taken over his dead wife's business, and he coaches a kids' cricket team. He is tall and well built, with short, messy brown hair and deep indigo eyes.

Nikola Friskin (brother, 22)-- Nikola takes after his father in both looks and personality, though he's a bit more idealistic. He's a political and social activist, whether it's leading a charity movement to find homes for abandoned pets, protesting the bottled faerie industry, or campaigning for the rebuilding of Maraqua. He's also a vegetarian. He wears his hair long, tied back in a ponytail. His eyes are very much like Jesse's. He is tall, athletic, and dashingly handsome. Girls are always swooning over him (to his annoyance.)

Shawn Friskin (brother, 19)-- More reserved than Jesse or Nikola, he expresses himself through the plays he writes. He's quite good, too, and has won several awards at local talent festivals. He dreams of someday becoming a famous director. He also has a sentimental, nostalgic side.

Ilaria Friskin (mother, deceased)-- Ilaria's mother died giving birth to her, and her father named Ilaria after her. Ilaria doesn't remember her at all, of course. She was a successful businesswoman who owned a small but prosperous company. Her brothers tell her that their mother was intelligent and ambitious but also gentle and caring. Of course, their memories may be a bit idealized, but in Ilaria's mind her mother has become perfect and untouchable... and she's not about to let her be replaced.

Friends and Acquaintances

Cordelia Ames (father's girlfriend, 30)-- She's a kindhearted, quiet woman who is quite happy in the role of a housewife. She's very meek, which makes Ilaria think she's up to something (though her suspicions are unfounded.) Her first husband was very pushy and verbally abusive, and for 10 years she let him walk all over her, but finally she gathered the courage to leave him and start a new life on Mystery Island. Jesse is always trying to get her to express her opinions more. In spite of their contrasting personalities, the two are deeply in love, and Jesse intends to marry her someday.

Casey Ames (Cordelia's son, 15)-- A softspoken, bookish boy. He is Cordelia's son from her first marriage, but his parents divorced when he was young and he never sees his father. He's quite a pushover, so terrified of conflict that he never defends himself. Ilaria picks on him constantly. She resents him for the same reason she does Cordelia: she sees him as an outsider intruding on her family. The fact that he takes all of her insults without a word only infuriates her more. Both her brothers get along well with Casey, but when they try to tell Ilaria she's being unfair she just gets angry at them. Ilaria is also a little jealous because Casey gets straight A's and is generally well liked, while Ilaria has to struggle to do well in school and doesn't have many real friends.

But Casey has a secret: he was the one who was supposed to be Sailor Ruki. When the senshi befriended Casey and discovered he had a Ruki, they asked him to join their team. Casey accepted, feeling obligated to help. But Ilaria discovered his secret and decided she wanted his powers. She took his pen and used it to transform. When she accidentally got into a real battle, she turned out to be a much better fighter than Casey was. Now Ilaria has asserted herself as the true Sailor Ruki, and Casey, glad to be rid of the responsibility, isn't about to protest.

MasshiMaron-- MasshiMaron is Casey's pet. Much like her owner, she is normally quiet and studious. But when she eats sugar, she's hyperactive! MasshiMaron is better at expressing her opinions than Casey, and is often defends Casey when Ilaria taunts him. She doesn't like Ilaria very much, which is not surprising since she's seen a lot of Ilaria's immature, bullying side. She is an extremely picky eater.


Xairwalkerx-- Of course she has a Ruki, a yellow boy named XairwalkerX. He's the youngest of the four. She calls him Xair for short. Ilaria rescued Xair from a hard life at the pound and has been working to nurse him back to health. Xair is convinced that his old owner abandoned him because he did something wrong. (The truth is, his owner was having financial trouble and wanted him to find a better home, but he doesn't learn this until much later.) Xair is sweet, sensitive, and very exciteable. He's underconfident and a bit of a worrywart. He has a hard time getting close to others because he's afraid of being abandoned again. But once he manages to open up to someone he's smart, funny, and even hyper. He can also act pretty spoiled once he gets comfortable. He loves being outdoors and playing active games. Xair was once a Xweetok, but after unwittingly drinking a transmogrification potion he was turned into a Ruki. (On the very day Ilaria first tranformed, coincidentally...) He misses his old form and would very much like to change back.

Kipardi Yukiro-- A red boy shoyru who is like Xair with all the shyness removed. He goes by his middle name Yukiro, "because it's cool." He loves life and walks on the wild side. But he's still delightfully naive and adorable. He has a habit of stating the obvious. He loves Sphinx Links, and has been known to go to extreme measures to get them.

Pephaea Umiko-- A quiet, intelligent faerie Peophin. She was not adopted through the pound, she was simply a wild Peophin who chose to make Ilaria her owner. Pephaea is the most level-headed of Ilaria's pets. She loves reading and quiet places, though she does like to get out once in a while. She was once turned into a Poogle through an unfortunate accident, an incident she's rather forget. Luckily, thanks to the rainbow fountain she's good as new. Pephaea is intuitive and emotional. She and Ilaria tend to disagree a lot, but the two are civil torward one another.

Kathris Sakura--The eldest of Ilaria's pets, a beautiful white Uni. Like most Unis, she's a bit vain, and because of that she had a bit of a rocky start with Ilaria, who called her a brainless creampuff. But Kathris can respect a good roast, and is quick with a snide remark herself. After a period of trading insults, the two forged an odd bond, and are now the best of friends. Contrary to popular belief, Kathris is not as airheaded as she first seems. She's got an excellent memory, and has been known to regularly beat Ilaira at chess.

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