The Sailor Neopets RPG

SNRPG: Series II Sailors

Referred to by the authors as the "pending" sailors, these senshi don't transform in the first series because they don't exist yet. After all, when the original Sailor Neopets first fought the Chaos Faerie, Meridell and Maraqua and a dozen other worlds had yet to be discovered. Ixis, Draiks, Koi, and over a dozen other species had not been found. Thus, there was no Sailor Ixi or Sailor Koi among the original sailors to pass her powers on to a grandchild.

When a crisis comes and the current group of sailors find themselves in need of help, they will inaugurate new people to fill the positions - trusted friends and former allies (many of whom appear on the Series I Other Characters page), whom they will recommend to the Faerie Queen. Fyora will give them Sailor Neopet power just as her mother gave the originals power 75 years ago.

Sailor Poogle
Neva Rosensteel
by Amanda

Sailor Cybunny
by kitty

Sailor Kougra
Keely O'Riley
by Sefina

Sailor Koi
Kai Odaage
by pinklink33

Sailor Meerca
Tamae Oguchi
by Ahou

Sailor Chomby
Kate Collins
by Rosa Maria

Sailor Pteri
Chase Bennington
by Liz

Sailor Krawk
Ace McBeth
by Liz
Sailor Tonu
Applied For

Sailor Draik
Celeste Anala
by Morgan

Sailor Ixi
by Kitty
Sailor Yurble

Sailor Ruki
by Yume

Sailor Bori
Maigrey Ashford

Sailor Hissi
Shido Chikabi
by Shido

Sailor Xweetok
Samantha Cresena
by Mooeh
Sailor Ogrin
Sailor Gnorbu

Sailor Lutari
Elaine Karters
by Julie

Sailor Grundo
Identity Unknown
by Madison