Neopian Parodies

So you can keep track of which real-world names you're sneaking into your episodes. Mostly music.

Existing Bands:
Moehawks (metal)
2 Gallon Hatz (country)
Blue Kacheek Group = Blue Man Group
Chomby and the Fungus Balls (disco/rave)
Gründo (heavy metal)
Jazzmosis (jazz)
Sticks N' Stones = Guns N' Roses
Yes Boy Ice Cream (techno)
Twisted Roses (goth rock)
Wock 'Till You Drop = Spinal Tap
Hikalakas (traditional Hawaiian music)
The Neopian Philharmonic (classical)
Jub Zambra and the Cobrall Charmers (new wave/wannabe indian)

SN Band Parodies:
Franz Fuzinand = Franz Ferdinand
Kill Hannah and the Ice Caves = Kill Hannah
Avril Lupevine = Avril Lavigne
3LW(ockies) = 3LW(omen)
H.E.R. = H.I.M. (Valle Vilo = Ville Valo)
Kobb = Korn
The Neomail Service = The Postal Service
Death Cab for Lupie = Death Cab for Cutie
Chaos! At the Concert Hall = Panic! At the Disco
Rilo Kyrii = Rilo Kiley
Lupus Wainwright = Rufus Wainwright
Gheorghe Zaffar = Gheorghe Zamfir
Brian Neo = Brian Eno
Anye = Enya
Strawberry Dream = Tangerine Dream
Neo Neo Dolls = Goo Goo Dolls
Krawk Party = Bloc Party
Keeko Laek = Linkin Park
Faerie Queen = Queen
A Flotsam Inside = AFI
E Nimmone = E Nomine

Neodidas = Adidas
Kgra Sportswear Company = Puma Sportswear Company
Novabucks = Starbucks

Lupe Moon = mahou shoujo anime
Mynci Ball Z = Dragon Ball Z
Korry Batter = Harry Potter
StampCollector Sponderola = CardCaptor Sakura
Warftaro = Hamtaro
Faetear = Pretear

Jettsy Depp = Johnny Depp
Buzzie McGuire = Lizzie McGuire