Musical Tastes

Yes, you could go scouring profiles for this info, but what fun is that? The tunes we croon to:

Sailor Acara/ Keiko: Country and pop, including the 2 Gallon Hatz
Sailor Aisha/ Pandi: Punk rock and hip-hop, the Mynciz
Sailor Blumaroo/ Aviva: Jazz and soft rock
Sailor Bruce/ Jaimie: Emo and pop-rock
Sailor Buzz/ Kara Lynn: Soft music
Sailor Chia/ Abira: Whatever's cool, M*YNCI and other boy bands (secretly)
Sailor Elephante/ Layla: The Blue Kacheek Group, Sticks N’Stones, Jazzmosis
Sailor Eyire/ Bird: Indie, alternative, Meridell
Sailor Flotsam/ Kenny: n/a
Sailor Gelert/ Starlee: Indie, emo, pop-rock, pop-punk, dance
Sailor Grarrl/ Sheridan: Jazz and R&B
Sailor Jetsam: AFI (A Flotsam Inside), E Nimmo
Sailor JubJub/ Jody: Punk, heavy metal, goth rock, nu-metal, screamo (the Twisted Roses, Sticks n' Stones, Kobb, Wock 'til you Drop, Gründo and H.E.R)
Sailor Kacheek/ Miles: Quiet music
Sailor Kau/ Michelle: Country (dislikes loud music)
Sailor Kiko/ Kevin: Keeko Laek, Kobb
Sailor Korbat/ Briana: Pop, whatever her friends are listening to
Sailor Kyrii/ Gyanda: Jazzmosis
Sailor Lenny/ Isis: n/a
Sailor Lupe/ Leslie: Light pop, soft rock
Sailor Moehog/ Melony: Alternative rock
Sailor Mynci/ Maxima: Indie pop, indie rock, pop-punk, The Neomail Service, Franz Fuzinand, Death Cab for Lupie, Rilo Kyrii, Lupus Wainwright, Kikougheler
Sailor Peophin/ Zoe: Trendy indie rock like Krawk Party or The Neomail Service
Sailor Quiggle/ Tammy: Faerie Queen
Sailor Scorchio/ Ko-Kira: Wock 'til You Drop
Sailor Shoyru/ Jean: Professes to hate music in general, but writes pop-rock
Sailor Sketh/ Skye: New age, new wave, spiritual (Anye, Brian Neo, Strawberry Dream, and Gheorghe Zaffar, Hikalakas and Jub Zambra and the Cobrall Charmers.)
Sailor Techo/ Anton: n/a
Sailor Tuskaninny/ Marieta: Music from the Haunted Woods
Sailor Uni/ Gami: Techno, dance, some indie
Sailor Usul/ Brooke: Techno and electronica rock, especially Kill Hannah and the Ice Caves and Chiapop
Sailor Wocky/ Naomi: The Neopian Philharmonic and other classical; jazz, but not Jazzmosis
Sailor Zafara/ Zelda: Trendy indie rock like Krawk Party or The Neomail Service