Mists of Evian

These peculiar bottled mists grant anyone who drinks them a certain power for a limited time. In the case of the Sailor Neopets, it gives them a new attack. The mists were made long ago in the Evian Valley west of Neopia Central, but most of them were later destroyed. The original Sailor Neopets used their power in the first battle with the Chaos Faerie.

The origin of the mists is quite sinister: they're made from the souls of dead faeries. These souls normally float peacefully about the Evian Valley. However, some ambitious types decided to use the mists for profit, and even began killing faeries to use their souls. A portal to the valley was discovered in Neopia Central, which allowed speedy travel. Balthazar is connected to this trade.

When the Faerie Queen found out, she was horrified. The Mists were immediately outlawed, and most were confiscated and destroyed. However, Fyora kept one mist of each type in the Hidden Tower. The Wishing Well was built over the portal to prevent its being used; it is the magic of the faerie souls that gives the well its wish-granting powers.

In their first battle, the original Sailor Neopets subconsciously summoned mists from the Tower. The Queen found out and demanded their return; most of the sailors obeyed, but a few hid the mists and passed them on to their descendants.

Now that the battle has begun anew, some current sailors have summoned mists; others inherited them from their grandparents. There are still many mysteries surrounding the Mists of Evian, but they might just help tilt the scales in our heroines' favor . . .

Sakasa Mist (Japanese for "Reverse")
Color: Silver
Current Keeper: Zafara
Power: Reverse
uniform: Colors reversed
Attack: Opposite of the user's normal attack, i.e. Zafara Flame becomes Sakasa Ice
Effect: Reverses the effect of the user's powers

Khalida Mist (Arabic for "Everlasting")
Color: Dark Amber
Current Keeper: Blumaroo
Power: Time
uniform: Aged, colors darkened. Eyes cloud over.
Attack: Khalida Time Warp
Effect: Lets the user control time, including stopping time and even reversing the past few seconds.

Fata Mist (Italian for "Faerie")
Color: Rainbow
Current Keeper: Mynci
Power: Faerie powers
uniform: Becomes shimmery, faerie wings appear
Attack: Fata Pixie Dust
Effect: Grants the user the ability to fly and the ability to use an attack from one of the six faerie spheres at random.

Llaphi Mist (Quechua for "Temperature")
Color: Light Blue
Current Keeper: Kyrii
Power: Temperature
uniform: Swirly and wavy patterns added
Attack: Llaphi Change
Effect: Allows the user to manipulate temperature, i.e. turning snow into water or fog

Uneksia Mist (Finnish for "Dream")
Color: Gold
Current Keeper: Scorchio
Power: Dreams
uniform: Turns solid gold, user's eyes become solid black
Attack: Uneksia Nightmare
Effect: Shows the target his or her greatest dream... or worst nightmare

Haqiiqa Mist (Dardja for "Truth")
Color: Clear
Current Keeper: Ruki
Power: True Sight
uniform: Skirt, bows, and collar become translucent
Attack: Haqiiqa Mirage Revelation
Effect: Allows the user to see the true forms of things, i.e. seeing through an enemy's disguise