Who Knows Who's A Sailor

It's never easy to maintain a secret identity, and with almost forty of them to keep under wraps in this story at least a few are going to slip. Here's a handy list so that you know whose Sailor Neopet identity isn't secure - even if they don't.

Unless otherwise stated, it's assumed that all the sailors know about each other. So, after a given sailor's intro episode, all previously introduced sailors will know who she is, and vice versa. (Thus they're listed in order of introduction.) Also, all pets know that their owners are sailors, and Fyora and the Uber-Faeries know the sailors' identities, unless otherwise stated.

Sailor Lupe (Intro: episode 1)
Kelly (as of 21)

Sailor Chia (Intro: episode 2)
The Chaos Faerie (as of 2)
Dr. F. Sloth (as of 2)
Sailor Jetsam (as of 57)

Sailor Acara (Intro: episode 3)
Kelly (as of 21)

Sailor Zafara (Intro: episode 5)
Kelly (as of 21)
Tora (as of 27)

Sailor Shoyru (Intro: episode 6)
Crowd of anonymous Neopians (as of 6)
Her little brother Mike (as of 19)
Kelly (as of 21)

Sailor Usul (Intro: episode 7)
Kelly (as of 21)

Sailor Moehog (Intro: episode 8)
Kelly (as of 21)
Paul (as of 51)

Sailor Peophin (Intro: episode 12)
Kelly (as of 21)

Sailor Uni (Intro: episode 13)

Sailor Wocky (Intro: episode 14)
Kelly (as of 21)
Paul (as of 51)

Sailor Scorchio (Intro: episode 16)
Kelly (as of 21)
Paul (as of 51)

Sailor JubJub (Intro: episode 18)
Sailor JubJub doesn't encounter the other sailors until episode 19.
Kelly (as of 21)

Sailor Quiggle (Intro: episode 24)

Sailor Bruce (Intro: episode 25)

Sailor Blumaroo (Intro: episode 26)
Tora (as of 27)

Sailor Kau (Intro: episode 28)

Sailor Buzz (Intro: episode 29)

Sailor Korbat (Intro: episode 30)

Sailor Gelert (Intro: episode 34)

Sailor Mynci (Intro: episode 35)
Mat (as of 61)
Sailor Kiko only learns this in 61.

Sailor Nimmo (Intro: episode 38)

Sailor Eyrie (Intro: episode 40)
Celeste Anala (as of 41)

Sailor Elephante (Intro: episode 42)

Sailor Kiko (Intro: episode 45)
Sailor Kiko does not know the identity of Sailor Mynci until 61.

Sailor Kacheek (Intro: episode 46)
Her grandmother

Sailor Kyrii (Intro: episode 47)

Sailor Lenny (Intro: episode 49)

Sailor Grarrl (Intro: episode 50)

Sailor Aisha (Intro: episode 52)

Sailor Flotsam (Intro: episode 56)

Sailor Jetsam (Intro: episode 57)
None of the sailors know Jetsam's true identity - not even Sailor Chia.