The names and ages of the families (including pets; pets' ages are given in terms of what they would approximately be if they were humans) of the sailors (in alphabetical order).

Sailor Acara (Keiko Wilson)
Brian: father, mid-forties
SparkleAcara (Sparks): female blue Acara, eight or nine
Golden_Acara_ (Goldy): female yellow Acara, preteen
FieryAcara (Fi): female red Acara, twentysomething
Seaweed_Acara_ (Sea): female green Acara, twentysomething

Sailor Aisha (Pandi Bon)
Debray: Father
Mother: Faerie, MIA
Yo_Mine87 "YoYo": red Aisha

Sailor Blumaroo (Aviva Simantro)
Paloma Simantro: Mother (Maraquan financial advisor) (MIA)
Columba Danz: nanny
RebelionCharge: male green Blumaroo
1fire_faerie1: female red Acara
Anisiali: female red Shoyru

Sailor Bruce (Jaimie Manchot)
Katalin: Mother, mid-forties
Luc: Father, mid-forties
Jeanette: Grandmother, late 70s
JupiterShinozaki: male electric Bruce

Sailor Buzz (Kara Lynn)
Cute_Artemis: male blue Buzz, child
Berveth02355: male yellow Buzz, child
Lab Ray Scorchio: creator ("father"), thirtysomething
Diane: "twin sister", indeterminate age
Dana: genetic father, deceased
Kara Lynn: genetic grandmother, deceased

Sailor Chia (Abira Anion)
Younger sister
EvilChia888: male mutant Chia, twentysomething

Sailor Elephante (Layla Grandisimo)
Javier: Father, 48
Kaiya: Mother, 43
Kaimen: 23
Lessa: Sister, 19
Alec: Brother, 16
Alain: Brother, 16 (twin of Alec)
SunnyChristolea, female yellow Elephante

Sailor Eyrie (Bird Sin Gayle)
Nichlls: male purple Eyrie
Karma: mother
Canaan: father
Dom Stollsteimer: half-brother, 20

Sailor Flotsam (Kintewah Slin)
Parents (divorced)
Sandy: ex-girlfriend
Flothaura: blue Flotsam

Sailor Gelert (Starlee Matthews)
StarLeigh5: female red Gelert
Jolan Matthews: Mother, mid-thirties
David Matthews: Father, mid-thirties
Hannelore Matthews: Younger sister (11)

Sailor Grarrl (Sheridan Vires)
Maire: Grandmother
Devin: Father, 40
Nadia: 38
Reinagrl: Grarrl
Supapigmon: male lightning Moehog

Sailor Jetsam (???)

Sailor JubJub (Jody Miller)
Ferrboll: male green JubJub, preteen but acts younger
Joogle123: male red JubJub, preteen
Rain_drop_54: blue JubJub, child
Sun_drop_45: yellow JubJub, preteen
Kevin, Jr.: Brother, 13 (Sailor Kiko)
Kevin, Sr.: Father, mid-forties, lives with Kevin
Bella: Mother, early forties, lives with Jody

Sailor Kacheek (Miles Tailor)
MilesTails: male skunk Kacheek (Selket: Ami)
LupeDawg_2000: male red Lupe (Selket: Rei)
LOUISXX: male green Bruce (Selket: Makoto)
RibbitXMan: male yellow Poogle (Selket: Minako)
Bonnie Colger: grandmother
Zachary: brother, 16 years
Carl: brother, 10 years
Jon: brother, 8 years
Jonathon: father, 46 years
Deena: mother, 38 years
Jennifer Keng: married sister, 20 years
Bruce Keng: brother-in-law, 24 years
Harold Keng: nephew, 4 years
Kimberly Keng: niece, 2 years

Sailor Kau (Michelle Kaiser)
Father: Mid-forties
Cecilia: Mother, mid-forties
Amanogawa: female starry Kau
(Fosters several pets yearly)

Sailor Kiko (Kevin Miller)
Max020304: male blue Poogle (Kevin's), thirtysomething
Buddy_Bl00: male blue Kiko (Kevin's), young teen
Jody: Sister, 16 (Sailor JubJub)
Kevin sr: Father, mid-forties, lives with Kevin
Bella: Mother, early forties, lives with Jody

Sailor Korbat (Briana Veranne)
Kyle: Father, late forties
Marisa: Mother, late forties
Heather: Stepmother, mid-thirties
Andrew: Stepfather, early fifties
Evelyn: Half-sister, 3
GiggleWings18: female speckled Shoyru
AmericanAngelWings: female blue Poogle
HollyBayBie: female red Korbat, youngest

Sailor Kyrii (Gyanda Gavelio)
Parents and little brother living on Terror Mountain
Kaisuu: male skunk Kyrii

Sailor Lenny (Isis Florien)
Mother (left when Isis was 10)
Obyronne: rainbow Lenny
Obyrlin: silver Poogle
Kahaela: Darigan Zafara
Azarelli: starry Lupe
Adrian: brother, one year younger

Sailor Lupe (Leslie Tuatara)
FirePrinse: male red Lupe, older teenager (Gruslen: Tigger)
Unirus2000: female pink Uni, young teen (Fungree: SpongeBob)
Cheryl: foster mother, late forties
Lunete: Cheryl's daughter, seven
Silvacheek: female striped Kacheek (Lunete's), child
Karl: Cheryl's son (Lunete's twin)
Jackie Green: grandmother, deceased
Unknown: father, late thirties
Unknown: mother, deceased

Sailor Moehog (Melony Housman)
Moehog374: male blue Moehog (Melony's), late teens
Cara: mother, early forties
Mike: father, early forties
Edith: aunt, late forties
Rebecca Benson: grandmother, deceased
Naomi: Sister, 18, Sailor Wocky

Sailor Mynci (Maxima Mono)
FyrePrincess: red Lupe, young teen
Mojojojo5991: green Mynci, older teen
Jenna: Sister, 9
Tristaine: Sister, 17
David: Brother, 3
Mat: Twin brother
Tom: Brother, 14
Nikolas: Brother, 16
Narcissus: Brother, 17 (Tristaine's twin)
Fredrik: brother, seven years older
Stuart, Lois: parents

Sailor Nimmo (Vicki Pawkeet)
Billy Shoal: ex-boyfriend, one year older
Tai-Kai: female green Nimmo, twentysomething
Libellule: female green Nimmo, twentysomething

Sailor Peophin (Zoe Bay)
Parents: Mid-forties, live outside of Neopia
Treasure_of_the_Sea87: female striped Peophin (Zoe's)
Zelda: Twin sister, 13

Sailor Quiggle (Tammy Dylan)
Rana: Mother, late thirties
Terry: Father, early forties
MrSippy: male cloud Quiggle

Sailor Scorchio (Ko-Kira)
Myora: adoptive mom (really a Grundo)
Leelo: adoptive dad (ditto)
Luplee: male Christmas Lupe, older teen
scormans_unite: male red Scorchio, child
Lives with Melony and Naomi

Sailor Shoyru (Jean Keresaspa)
_Shoylana_: female yellow Shoyru, older teen
Bilbo_23: male green Blumaroo, mid-teens
Mike: brother, nine years younger
James: brother, two years older
Marius: brother, five years older
Nick: brother, six years older
Socks25236: male skunk Lupe (James'), thirtysomething
oO_scorch200_Oo: male red Scorchio (James'), preteen
Parents: late forties (mom is older)

Sailor Skeith (Skye Welsh)
Marie: Mother, late forties
Johnathan: Father, mid-forties
Gretchen: Cousin, 16
Katherine: Younger sister
Princess: red Skeith
Siyra: Sister's tonu
Tim Dickinson: ex-boyfriend

Sailor Techo (Anton Rheinhold)
Junohana: Techo, mid-teens
Rahilim: Zafara
Anton: Father, 43
Mother: Clair, 39
Antonius: Grandfather, deceased

Sailor Tuskaninny (Marieta Darkwood)
Sister: 2
Sister: 4
Brother: 5
Brother: 7

Sailor Uni (Allie Rider)
Sarah: Mother, mid-forties
Thomas: Father, mid-forties
Peagus2000: striped Uni, mid-teens
GoldenBeauty37: golden Uni, mid-teens

Sailor Usul (Brooke Cassonade)
Willow: Mother, late thirties
Gregg: Father, early forties, doesn't live with her
hyper_mix069: female speckled Usul

Sailor Wocky (Naomi Housman)
Aca_ra_88: female blue Acara (Naomi's), very young
Wo_cky_88: female glowing Wocky (Naomi's), young teen
Lu_pe_88: male fire Lupe (Naomi's), mid-teens
Cara: mother, early forties
Mike: father, early forties
Edith: aunt, late forties
Rebecca Benson: grandmother, deceased
Melony: Sister, 16, Sailor Moehog

Sailor Zafara (Zelda Bay)
Parents: Mid-forties, live outside of Neopia
My_Lil_Zaffie: female fiery Zafara (Zelda's)
Zoe: Twin sister, 13