Neopian Lands in the Real World

Most of the places in Neopia seem to correspond, directly or vaguely, to places in the real world. When we're writing stories that take place in Neopia, it helps to be able to base them on real places. It also helps if we're consistent about it. Thus, Neopian places and their real-world equivalents:

Neopia Central = North America (the main areas are most like the US or Canada; a poorer region would be Mexico)

Meridell = Western Europe (medieval version)

Haunted Woods = Eastern Europe (think Romania, but also Russia, etc.)

Terror Mountain = Scandanavia (Finland, Norway, etc.)

Lost Desrt = Middle East (specifically, Egypt)

Maraqua = Atlantis (not a real place, but still . . .)

Kreludor = the Moon (sci-fi version)

Doran = Mars (Doran is the planet from which Grundos came)

Krawk Island = Australia

Mystery Island = any tropical island (and, to some extent, California)

Tyranna = any "primitive" culture (Native American cultures; parts of Africa)

The Space Station - no real-world analog.

Faerieland - no real-world analog.