Aura Colors

The following have been used; when creating a sailor, pick something not too close to any of them. If you need ideas, you can go here for a big list of colors to choose from, or try Wikipedia's list.  Don't pick black or white either; black is reserved for Bad Guys and white is already the bodysuit color.

Orange [Chia]
Light orange [Wocky]
Pink [Uni]
Cherry red [Usul]
Dark red [Lenny]
Maroon [Kau]
Red-orange [JubJub]

Cream [Shoyru]
Yellow-green [Nimmo]
Gold [Peophin]
Dark gold [Elephante]
Lemon yellow [Tuskaninny]

Dark grey [Kacheek]
Light brown [Skeith]
Brown [Grarrl]
Copper [Scorchio]
Grey [Kiko]
Platinum [Techo]

Green [Zafara]
Dark green [Lupe]
Light green [Blumaroo?]
Lime green [Mynci?]

Grey-blue [Quiggle]
Blue [Moehog]
Dark blue [Kyrii]
Bright blue [Acara]
Teal [Flotsam]
Baby blue [Buzz]
Electric blue [Bruce]

Lavender-pink [Korbat]
Dark magenta [Gelert]
Light mule [Eyrie]

Not CoINed yet:
Aisha (aura?)
Jetsam (I suggest carmine, sangria, or Falu red)