sailor buzz

Aura: Baby Blue
Secondary Color: Lavender
uniform Additions: A set of blue Buzz wings.
Faerie Sphere: Darkness

Henshin: Buzz Neo Power, Make Up! A funnel of wind surrounds Kara Lynn to form her uniform.

Attack: Buzz Air Shield! Sailor Buzz holds up her arms, crossed, palms spread, and waves them apart in a dramatic gesture. A thick wall of what looks like baby-blue smoke appears in front of her, wide enough to shield several sailors. With practice she'll be able to project it to places besides right in front of her.

Other: Faerie Powers Kara Lynn has a few air faerie genes spliced into her system, which explains her odd ears and inhumanly perfect hair. This may eventually allow her to develop low-level Air-sphere abilities. On the other hand, her DNA may conflict with her power sphere of Darkness as Sailor Buzz. (It hasn't been a problem yet . . .)