sailor buzz

Relationship with Jean
Since Jean moved to Mystery Island, she's become very close to Kara Lynn. Although Jean was dismissive at first, she was intrigued by Kara Lynn's (admittedly unusual) history - and eventually realized that Kara Lynn had more substance than her usual crowd. They've become extremely close, spending much of their free time together; Jean's usual abrasive manner is much softened in Kara Lynn's presence.

Jean is constantly trying to build up her friend's backbone, often becoming frustrated with her timidity - and there's some evidence that it's working. Still, Jean usually has to stand up for Kara Lynn, a role that she doesn't always mind. Kara Lynn's just glad to have a friend, and helps Jean whenever she can, usually with homework.

Unfortunately, Kara Lynn is blissfully oblivious to the fact that Jean has fallen in love with her. It doesn't help that she's infatuated with Nick, whom Jean knows to be a shameless philanderer. But Jean's keeping her feelings a secret, and whether Kara Lynn will figure them out - much less reciprocate them - remains to be seen.

Relationship with Nick

She's infatuated. Head over heels. In the throes of her first love.

He's a playboy. Thinks she's hot, and easy to con. Simply waiting for the chance to take advantage of her.

Relationship with her pets

Kara Lynn's buzzes, male blue Artemis and female yellow Berveth, are a cute pair. They're easy to take care of (a little food and some toys, and they'll keep each other occupied for hours). When Kara Lynn is around, they'll hug her and chatter with her, but she's more provider than friend.

Most neopets are treated like their owners' friends, companions, siblings, or children. These two are more like conventional pets. They're simply not on her level - and that's fine by all concerned.

Relationship with her creator

The scorchio who created the Lab Ray originally treated Kara Lynn as just another design - exactly as he'd treated her 67 precursors. Even after her escape, he didn't rethink this; it wasn't until her recapture that he learned just how much of an individual she was with space to express herself.

Since then, although he's behaved in his usual quirky and amoral manner, he's started to treat Kara Lynn like a person, as he did her grandmother. For her part, Kara Lynn never really saw him as a person either - just as an authoritative force. He hasn't gotten emotional in her presence since she was very young.

So Kara Lynn is no longer sure what to think. She doesn't know what to make of that one memory, and she doesn't know how to react to this creature who was the symbol of her imprisonment for so long. She's still afraid of him, or at least nervous around him, but confusion is beginning to overwhelm her fear.

Relationship with Diane

On their first meeting, Kara Lynn is thrilled. After all, the 67 experiments before her have all died, succumbing to some defect or another; but not only does Diane look stable, she's been allowed out of the lab (signifying a change in her creator's attitude).

That quickly changes when Diane drugs and kidnaps her "sister", taking her back to the laboratory for some follow-up study. (See Kara Lynn: Unbraided.)

Diane has an obsessive personality; she needs to know that she can subdue Kara Lynn, which leads her to try replacing the older experiment as Sailor Buzz. She has since been put under lock and key, but Kara Lynn remains terrified of her memory, and if Diane were ever to escape she would undoubtedly try to hunt Kara Lynn down again - without her creator's orders this time.