sailor buzz

School None
Home Mystery Island

Kara Lynn lives in a four-room island Neohome in a fairly rustic area of Mystery Island. She is within easy walking distance of several very nice beaches and the much more high-end neighborhood in which Jean (Sailor Shoyru) resides. Most of the island's main attractions - the training school, the trading post, and the Island Mystic, for example - are farther away.

Favorite foods Peanut butter, ice cream, honey, cotton
Disliked foods Bread, rice, processed foods

Kara Lynn's tastes are somewhat strange. She doesn't like grains, so she's not a fan of pasta or even most pizzas; but she has been known to munch on things that are not generally considered food to anyone but a Skeith. Grass, cloth, and sand are among the things she's tried to make a meal of. (Usually her digestive system can handle this, but she's had some problems.)

Despite her fondness for living in warm areas, she does not drink a lot of water; her body retains it very well. She prefers nectar anyway.

Furthermore, when eating, she has a few odd habits. She's never quite gotten the hang of silverware. Not only does she eat with her fingers, though, she pokes around at whatever it is before trying to swallow it - prodding, examining, and sniffing. This has been discouraged by those that she eats with (usually Sailor Neopets), who admonish her to "eat normally", so she's stopped licking potential food.

Likes Soft music, dancing, warm breezes, small things
Dislikes Aggression, reptiles, being alone, small spaces

Despite her off-putting appearance and habits, Kara Lynn is very human at heart. Her deepest desire is companionship: not the oversight of a dispassionate scientist, but the love of a genuine friend. Her Buzzes provide her with unconditional adoration, which is a welcome change from the scientist who expected a lot without considering that she might want something in return.

Her upbringing also means that she's a very naïve creature, very adept with facts and numbers but completely vulnerable when it comes to people. This has left her easily manipulated by both her "sister" Diane and her boyfriend Nick Keresaspa. Jean has attempted to mold this out of Kara Lynn, without much success; she remains very gullible.

Between this and her natural timidity, she's terrible at standing up for herself; if someone tells her she's wrong, she's inclined to believe them and far too shy to voice any doubts she feels. While she appreciates the kindness of sympathetic users like Leslie (Sailor Lupe), she's much more inspired by - and drawn to - the self-assured and strong attitudes of Jean and Nick, rather like a moth to a flame. (Oh, come on, I've resisted bug puns for so long in this profile. Give me a break.)

Family Her two Buzzes:
Cute_Artemis, blue; her first pet, whom she created. He is babyish and adorable, but surprisingly low-maintenance.
Berveth02355, yellow; adopted from the pound. She is one day older and no more mature.
All of those involved in Kara Lynn's creation are deceased, except for the Lab Ray Scorchio. For more information, see her backstory and history.

How to Write Kara Lynn
  • She has a hard time saying no to people, especially if they're very insistent that they're right.
  • She's shy. Not very talkative, even when with friends.
  • She spends most of her time with her Buzzes and/or Jean.
  • She's sensitive to comments about her unusual appearance (not to mention weird eating habits).
  • She has a great head for facts. Need the quadratic formula, or the date of that invasion, or the names of the kings of Meridell? Just ask her.
  • She's ga-ga over Nick. Will go all swoony over him. In her eyes he does no wrong. (It's the phenylethylamine talking.)