[272] Island Girls

Editor Erin [Home Page] 2004/1/10 (Sat.) 07:29:21
I drew this so LONG ago, it's been months, and I've been coloring it on and off since then, until finally I just got sick of it and decided to cel-shade all the fruits and details and things and then go ahead and upload it as-is.

It's our three island-dwelling Sailor Neopets at some sort of festival, enjoying all the Mystery Island-variety goodness: tropical fruit, palm trees, masks, grass skirts, and so on ^_^

Re:Island Girls
Brianna 2004/1/10 (Sat.) 10:34:36
Vair nice.

Re:Island Girls
Madison the MkIT 2004/1/10 (Sat.) 11:41:59
Wow..Kara Lynn...looks like she got more than a tan in L.A. And Ji looks like she's staring at them >.< And now that I think about it, so does the other girl (I forget her name)

Other than that, var cool background. The colored lights are all spifftastic ^^

Re:Island Girls
Brianna 2004/1/10 (Sat.) 21:08:07
That's right, Madison, they're a bunch of horny lesbians and you're not just a pervert who reads too much into everything!

Re:Island Girls
Editor Erin [Home Page] 2004/1/11 (Sun.) 12:34:34
Er, Brianna, chill. It's a comment on the direction they seem to be looking; it's not supposed to be perverted.

The girls' names are, from left to right: Vicki, Kara Lynn, and Ji. Vicki's eyes are closed, so she's not looking at anything. Kara Lynn has always had a large chest, as well as long arms and long legs; she has a very innocent mindset, though, and she's looking at Ji. As for Ji, she has a serious tan, still has no chest, and is supposed to be looking straight at the photographer (or perhaps she's breaking the fourth wall and looking at you).

Re:Island Girls
Madison the MkIT 2004/1/12 (Mon.) 02:17:06
I do apologize. My pervertedness and ability to read too much into everything always gets me in trouble ^_^.

BTW, I know Kara Lynn's all willowy, but it helps to give large chested characters wide hips to balance.

[274] The Truth Revealed!

Editor Erin [Home Page] 2004/1/11 (Sun.) 13:06:23
I'm sorry! I'm sorry! This is self-parody; after reading Brianna's comment, I just couldn't resist. Ooh, Ji would kill me if she saw this...

Now, it's badly drawn (Ji's too big and the proportions are off), and out-of-character (Kara Lynn would NEVER say anything like that), but I couldn't resist, I really couldn't . . . the idea was too funny to just let it drop...


Re:The Truth Revealed!
Brianna 2004/1/12 (Mon.) 01:20:19
Why are you sorry? This is hilarious! *laughs hysterically* I never thought I'd see the day where Erin "Ear Burn" Ptah used the phrase "horny lesbians" . . . .

Re:The Truth Revealed!
Madison the MkIT 2004/1/12 (Mon.) 02:12:36
The Truth Revealed!

OMG, I'm laughing so hard that I'm actually *crying* right now! I swear!

God, they're the Michiru and Haruka of the Sailor Neopets now.

Re:The Truth Revealed!
N!gh+m�� da Crazy One 2004/1/14 (Wed.) 05:36:14
HA HA HA!!! *rolls on floor laughing* *wipes tears* OMG, that's just so d. funny!

Re:The Truth Revealed!
Morgan 2004/1/26 (Mon.) 01:58:51
XDDD Can't...breath...just...*whump*